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We have a brand new product here at Artisti Coffee Roasters and that is the COFFEE DRIP BAG. Yes, that's right we are putting our coffee which has been flushed with nitrogen into sealed bags that you can take with you anywhere for a quick, convenient and very tasty coffee that's simple to brew up.

This is the type of product that you can pop into your backpack and takeaway hiking or on those business trips where you can enjoy a quality coffee in your hotel room or on a flight. In this video Luke chats about exactly what they are, why we are producing them and he also shows you how to brew with them.


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Coffee drip bags, they are new here at Artisti. What are they and why would you use them? Stick about and I'll tell you all you need to know.

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So what are we talking about? I've already said it. It's drip bags. They are a new product that is available for you to enjoy specialty coffee no matter where you are. They are really easy to brew with. Their very economical and all you need is hot water and a bag. .

By the way you will also need a cup to enjoy your coffee!

So what we have here is our coffee drip bags. So what are they essentially in here? You have a nitrogen flushed and sealed individual pouch and it's basically a paper filter, which you can open up and then brew straight into a cup. Now they're really cool. The information is in the back on how you do it. What we've designed here is a range of products from the fix, which is our strongest blend to our champion, which is our everyday hero. And we've also got a Costa Rican single origin natural coffee So these basically suit the generalized different coffee snobs out there, let's say. Where you can get a strong coffee, a nice smooth balanced coffee or the single origin black coffee. So these come in a pack of 12 in this size like that as a standard box, you can either have them as champ, Champion, The Fix, the single origin or you can get a mixed pack if you're not sure what you want.

Now, why would you get this kind of product Well, you don't always have your Arrow press or any other brewing device or a fresh ground product, but you can have this little pouch just jammed in your backpack. If you're hiking, you can have it in the back of that in your cupboard, right at the back in case you do run out of your fresh ground beans And you'll be able to brew a specialty, coffee no matter where you are, you really just need the pouch, a cup and hot water and the expiry of life on these is over 12 months. So there's, there's no need to worry about aging coffee or getting the right, you know, freshness before you start to bring your coffee. It is simply ready here. Anytime you need it. It can be the perfect gift for Christmas, friend's birthday or just for you to sample some different type of coffee than what you're normally used to.

I know we're not traveling on planes a lot at the minute, but it's not far away. But if you ask the hostess for a bit of hot water, you would be able to have specialty coffee and be the envy of everyone on that plane once they can smell your beautiful coffee.

So how do they work? Well, let's brew one on the back. There are instructions. Therefore they're they're really simple. All you have to do is tear the bag open and then you have your pouch. Okay? And you can smell it really is still vibrant because that nitrogen flushed ground coffee and there's these little paper wings and you open those out and that's what we'll see it on top of your cup on the top here. It does say to open. So you just tear that nicely and there you go.

There is your fresh ground coffee ready to sit straight into your cup. So simple and easy to brew. So I've got my kettle at 94°. So this is 'The Fix', it's a little bit darker, so 94 is a good temperature for that. Now you can do this in a couple different ways. You can do it like a pour over or you can brew a whole big long black of coffee. You could also then pour the liquid, you've created into multiple cups and top them up with hot water if you choose. Very versatile. But essentially the brewing is exactly the same. So we want to do our first pour and we're just going to make sure we do saturate that coffee nicely, you'll see it just start to leak through that paper filter at the bottom and it looks a bit grainy and solid.

As soon as that sinks, I would go for my second pour and make sure you do move that around a little bit and you can see now it's getting a bit more of a caramel sort of color that's coming through because those grinds are being stirred up and a little bit of gases have been coming out. So we are blooming the coffee a little bit. That's our second pour. And now you've got your 3rd pour and you can see that it's definitely looking a lot more just caramel and it's a bit of a sort of a crema form basically, or a foam on the top from the gas being released and a brew starting. So, you could leave that as it is for about two minutes. And essentially you would have a nicely brewed coffee if you didn't leave for two minutes, that would be basically a pour over or you can simply fill it up again so that the whole drip bag is already submerged in the water.

And so now that is still brewing because the water is touching the coffee there, so you can again leave that for another couple more minutes. It's going to get a bit more intensity, a bit more flavor maybe it's had more bitterness as well if you leave it too long, I wouldn't let these go any more than three minutes. It's 15 g of coffee per drip bag. So at 15 g to 200 mil. That's a really good recipe to give you a nice full flavored coffee. And when you're done, you can simply just pull the bag out and it's always a debate whether you squeeze that t bag or not. But I'm definitely gonna give it a little squeeze just to get that final flavor out and there you go. That's a coffee drip bag. So simple so easy.

You've got your brewed coffee and all we needed was the hot water. And so how does it taste well? Yeah Mhm. That's really good. It's quite smooth. It's definitely not bitter. You could brew that a little bit longer if you want a bit more intensity. It's definitely highlighting some bold flavors in there from The Fix and yeah, that would handle a good dash of milk in there. If you wanted to make it a bit more like a latte. Let us know what you think of the different blends and our single origin and your experience you may have had with drip bag somewhere else. Thanks very much for watching guys I hope you enjoy. We'll catch you next time on our next video, cheers.



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