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If you're just starting out in coffee or just starting a new job as a barista and you're not sure what each of the coffees are and how to prepare each one then this video is for you!

We take you through each of the most common coffees like Piccolo, Cappuccino, Latte, Flatt White, Long Black etc and show you exactly how to make them.

The way that Jimmy is producing the coffees is what you will find in your typical Australian Cafe or Coffee Shop. The drinks and how they are made can and will vary for overseas baristas so keep that in mind. This video however will give you a good starting point.


Cafe menu ratios and recipes Download our Cafe Menu Ratios & Recipes PDF


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  • Great content ❤️
    I tried with my mail but didn’t receive any mail back from you with the pdf ? Sorry

    By Ivan on

  • Thanks for the lessons but am so pationate to be a professional thou am from Uganda in East Africa hopefully I can get chance one day and come work with you guys thanks I appreciate you guys

    By Ivan Emmanuel on

  • Thank you for your menu, i want trial..

    By Mhd furqan on

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