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How to Set the Dose on an Electronic Coffee Grinder.

If you struggle to set up the electronic buttons on your grinder for the right amount of dose, you’re not alone. It can be challenging and you often waste a lot of coffee in the process.

I’ve been working on coffee grinders for over 15 years and have come up with the best way to easily setup your electronic grinder dose amount.

This concept applies to any electronic grinder that has a button where you can allocate how long it grinds for, however today I'm using a Mazzer Kony – one of the best commercial coffee grinders on the market today.



  • Make sure the hopper slide is all the way out so the coffee beans fall at the right rate
  • Ensure the locking screw is tight to avoid any movement in the grinder setting
  • Always have the hopper at least 1/3 full to avoid ‘popcorning’ where the beans bounce back up due to lack of downward force.


A lot of people get lost when they start changing the grind and the dose timer at the same time. The dose time will be effected by the grind so you need to set the grind first, then the dose. We ran a test (watch it in the above video) which demonstrated how much the grind effected the timed dose. With the dose timer set to 7 seconds, it produced 23.1g on a fine grind, and 24.7g on a course grind.

Tip: Always purge & discard coffee if you make adjustments to the grind. All coffee grinders (aside from single dose grinders) will have coffee grind retention, meaning coffee is still in the machine. If you change the grind, then use the next dose, it is highly likely to have anywhere from 1 to 5 grams of the old grind in it. If you don’t purge, you’re next grind won’t be a true reflections of your changes and the vicious cycle begin and you will eventually loose your mind. 

To setup your dose timed grinder, you’ll need scales and a recipe eg. Our recipe is 22.5g of coffee in our porter filer. Check out our video on How to Create a Brew Recipe. You do need to make sure that your dose suits your coffee basket, guess what… we’re got a video on that too! How to know which coffee basket is right for me?


How to set the grind on an electronic coffee grinder

  1. Manually fill up a dosing pot to the weight of your recipe eg. 22.5g
  2. Run a shot
  3. Adjust the grind as required
  4. Purge the coffee and discard
  5. Repeat

Once you have set the grind, you now need to set the dose timer so you can simply push the button to get to the desired weight eg. 22.5g


How to set the dose on an electronic coffee grinder

  1. Manually grind 22.5g of coffee and count the time it takes
  2. Access the timer settings on your coffee grinder
  3. Set the timer for how many seconds you counted
  4. Test the set button
  5. Adjust the dose timer until it give you the desired weight eg. 22.5g


Note: the age and quality of your coffee will impact the quality of your coffee shot.


We hope that this has been of help to you while setting up your electronic grinder. If you have any questions be sure to comment below.

Happy coffee making!

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