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Tucked away in the quiet leafy streets of Miranda in Sydney and located right next door to RAW Edge Boutique you will find Oli's Cafe. This very trendy cafe opened in late October 2021 and has become a real hit with locals with its beautifully designed interior, welcoming atmosphere and incredible food. There's even an enclosed courtyard with a cubby for the kids to keep busy so parents can enjoy their coffee. 

Oli's Cafe located in Miranda SydneyKids Cubby House at Oli's Cafe in Sydney Southerland Shire

Oli's proudly serve our 'champion' coffee blend on a slightly customised La Marzocco Linea PB.  Other equipment you'll find in their espresso bar includes an Anfim SP2 grinder, Cinoart Tamper and an i-rinse jug washer.

Espresso bar at Oli's Cafe in Sydney

Below you'll see some amazing and absolutely delicious food at Oli's Cafe.

Amazing food at Oli's Cafe in Sydney

Tastiest Cafe food in Sydney at Oli's Cafe in Miranda

Owners of Oli's Cafe pictured below - Elysha & Josh 

Owners of Oli's Cafe in Sydney pictured outside the front window.

Oli's Team Shot - December 2021

Staff photo at Oli's Cafe located in Miranda a suburb of Sydney's Southerland Shire

We threw 10 Questions at Oli's and here's what they had to say.

1. Can you start by telling us who you are, how long you’ve operated your coffee business and how you came into it? Did you buy an existing business or did you start from scratch?   

We opened in October 2021, we had been in the planning stage for well over a year before that. I owned the fashion boutique next door and noticed a gap in the market in the area which the community and my other business needed so Oli's came along. 

2. Can you tell us about where you’re located and what style of café/coffee shop do you run. Takeaway only? Size, number of seats? Number of Staff? What kind of food you serve?

We are located in a suburban street alongside homewares store, a fashion boutique and a carwash. We can seat approx 60 guests at a time in an enclosed courtyard and some street seating. We do a classic breakfast menu and some lunch items with the focus on fresh quality produce. We have anywhere from 6-10 staff on each day. 

3. What is something special or unique about your business?

We have a cubby for the kids! We are also the first account in Sydney for Artisti so that's pretty special as well! 

4. Tell us about your marketing. Do you do any paid advertising? Sponsorship? Social Media?

We have an amazing local social media agency that looks after out socials and the rest has come organically through our customers.

5. What’s your demographic? Who are you customers and why?

We have a lot of families due to our courtyard. However we have a great mix of young and old, couples and business people

6. Have you ever had anyone famous visit your café? Can you remember what they ordered?

Not yet! 

7. What is it about your café that your regulars love? What’s the most popular thing on your menu?

The Classic Avo smash is our biggest seller! And our customers also love a cappuccino! 

8. What do you find is the most rewarding thing about owning your own café?

I love connecting with our customers and seeing them enjoying the space we created. It really is such an amazing community we are a part of! 

9. What is the most challenging aspect of your café and why that?

It's hard that we run the business but are not working in it full time. While I'm there every day it is always a challenge keeping on top of everything. Like everyone in hospitality, finding staff is challenging at the moment so we are just reducing our days until we can find a couple more super stars! We are so lucky our staff are amazing! 

10. What would be your advice to anyone looking to start their own coffee shop/coffee business?

Go for it! We had all never worked in a cafe before opening Oli's and we have somehow managed! We really got in contact with some amazing people along the way (like Artisti) who guided us in the right direction and allowed Oli's to become what it is today! 





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