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Hi guys Joel from Artisti Coffee Roasters here today. We're actually in the Roastery and we're going to be talking through our range of coffees to give you a bit of an idea and a little bit of an insight into what goes into making them. Also, hopefully it'll better inform you on what coffee is going to suit you and the way that you use it.


Our main three products are going to be our Champion, The Fix and also Delicate. These are coffee blends so that means that there's more than one origin in these coffees. All three of these are predominantly designed to be drunk as an espresso milk coffee. You'll find these coffees in our cafes served day to day and also they're definitely our most popular take home  coffees as well.


To explain a little bit more about them, The Fix is a darker roasted coffee although technically not on the dark range, it is a more traditional roasted darker style coffee. This is going to give you more body and more ‘umph’ in your coffee. If you're looking for traditional strength and you want coffee that just tastes like coffee, The Fix is going to be the product that's for you. It works very well as I said before as a milk based espresso drink but not so great for take home filter variety coffees.


The next one that we've got in our line-up is Champion. Now this is pretty much where if you're not quite sure what you what you want to go with this is where I'd recommend to start. This is an all-rounder, it's a very dynamic coffee that's going to have not only traditional coffee flavours of chocolate and caramel but it's also going to have jammy fruity notes in it as well. Again, similar to The Fix it's also a blend and is designed to be drunk predominantly as an espresso base beverage with milk so that's your flat whites, your lattes and your cappuccinos.


Moving on we've got our Delicate coffee. Now this is a lighter roast product. It's on the other end of the medium scale compared to The Fix. A lighter roast product for people who want some more delicate flavors out of their coffee. The one thing to mention about this is 100%

organic green beans that are used in this coffee, it's also a blend but it's an organic blend. This being lighter roasted you're going to get more fruit notes out of it and it's a definitely a very light coffee so it actually reacts well with milk and it makes a beautiful latte flat white or cappuccino but can also be drunk and enjoyed as a really good quality espresso or long black.


The next coffee I want to talk about is our Seasonal Single Origin. Now this is a really cool interesting product especially for our coffee subscribers who are getting coffee on a weekly

fortnightly or monthly basis. This is a rotating single origin and a seasonal single origin so that's something that our Roasters have chosen from somewhere in the world it can be from Ethiopia as it is this week. It can be from Colombia, India, Panama, all over. This coffee is

roasted a little bit lighter than what we get in our blends to really let that single origin shine and flavors that are predominantly in that coffee shine. They can be vastly different from week to week. It can be a really interesting way just to get different flavor profiles. We roast that still for espresso roast but it's on the lighter side of espresso so it works better than our blends for filter coffees and as a take-home product it's a very very popular exciting product.


There's one more that I haven't talked about,  that here at Artisti we're very proud of and that's

our Placebo coffee. This is our decaffeinated coffee. Not too many roasters actually take a

lot of pride in their decaf coffee however we do we have a great Colombian water processed organic coffee at the moment. As well anyone who drinks our decaf always comes back for more. I highly recommend trying it!

Another thing that I wanted to mention as you can see is I've been showing you all the products in 250 gram packaging they're also available in a 500 gram packet as well as a 1 kilo packet.


Hopefully I've covered everything today. If you've got any questions about our coffee, make sure you put a comment below and let us know what coffee you're drinking at the moment. If you'd like to know more about our coffees head over to our website, hit us up on our Facebook or Instagram page and look out for the next YouTube clip.


Thanks for watching.



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