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The Stagg EKG is Fellow's electric pour over kettle designed for coffee-lovers. With variable temperature control, and a stunning minimalist design, the Stagg EKG is the ultimate pour over kettle. In this video Luke gives an overview of the kettle and explains why he likes it so much.

Unedited Video Transcript

g'day everyone welcome back to the
Artisti youTube channel today we're
having a look at the
fellow Stagg ekg kettle
right now
so the black model has been around for
almost a year now
and they've just released the new matte
white so
that's a pretty cool feature that's
going to suit a lot more homes
the kettle itself has been modeled
around their original pour over style
that you would have been hitting on your
stovetops having your electronic base is
obviously a lot easier
and you can basically plug it in
anywhere and you've got a lot more
features that allow you
to look after that water while you're
essentially boiling it to the
temperature that you want
so the kettle itself is a nice statement
a lot of the other kettles out in the
market are very stainless steel looking
bigger bulkier style unit but definitely
there's a beautiful design element that
they've been able to use
in this product they've got their nice
standard sort of handle
a bit of debate about the actual grip on
that i don't seem to mind it
but you do have to watch out obviously
for that hot chrome part that is part of
the kettle gets very hot it's got a nice
feel to it
it's a stainless steel kettle with a
powder coated finish
you've got your nice insulated lid on
the top as well
it's a 900ml kettle so quite a decent
for you to actually do a few brews if
you need to
and there are a couple of really cool
features that allow you
to control your temperatures a little
bit better
so the actual base has a pid controller
in there which allows you to dial in
exactly the temperature that you want to
on the back of the unit here it actually
has a hold function
and you can do that manually and that's
going to lock that temperature in for an
and on the other side you can pick
celsius or fahrenheit
so pretty easy controls and on the front
you've got basically a turn dial
to increase or decrease your temperature
that you want to be set at
and if you press and hold this it will
actually activate a timer
so if you're doing a little bit of a
pour over or some other device and you
don't have a timer
that can start counting for you so in
australia the unit does have a one year
and it does sit in the higher range of
control pour over kettles so it's around
the 249
mark so when you consider the design the
features the aesthetics
it's actually pretty good value compared
to other kettles on the market
so the actual power consumption is 1200
watts which sits about mid range there
on some of the kettles
and that will actually allow you to boil
from a range from 57 degrees
up to your 100 degrees as well so full
range there
allowing you to do different pour overs
in lighter roasts or darker roasts
but also if you're a tea drinker you'll
be able to get that beautiful cooler
temperature for your green teas
and if you're going to go to black
obviously a bit higher as well so it is
an all-rounder that's just going to suit
the kitchen for everyone in the family
so we've been using this dag for quite
some time in our espresso bar for all of
our pour overs and alternative beverages
quite a few of the staff here have it at
home as well it's been a great
kettle all round it's nice and easy i
think it's easy to pour out of
the control you can get out of the
gooseneck essentially is
very precise you can really get a nice
drip coming out of here
or pour it quite quick so allowing you
very good control
while you're going around essentially
your pour over
it's nicely weighted as well so i do
find this angle of the handle does help
a lot when you're on the angle
pouring in so overall very happy with
its functionality
it's not just a beautifully designed
kettle so fellow have actually done a
great job in
implementing little things across the
whole range of products that they do
and they've definitely brought that into
the stag ekg kettle
so i think that's really cool guys if
you've got any more questions about the
stag ekg kettle please shoot us a
comment below
i'd love to answer it for you thanks
very much for watching have a great day


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