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Recently we held an industry night here at our coffee roastery where we showcased the new La Marzocco GB5-X. Gathered were a bunch of industry insiders comprising mostly of cafe owners and roasters as well as some representatives from La Marzocco Australia who were here to tell us all about the new espresso machine.

It's an exciting new update on the GB5 which was originally released over 15 years ago and the new model features some brilliant technology which baristas are going to love. In this video we give a brief overview of the night and have a good chat to the La Marzocco guys about this beautiful piece of coffee equipment.


Unedited Transcript

Hey guys welcome back to the Artisti  YouTube channel. We're excited to have an amazing machine here from La Marzocco. So, we're about to go on a great night to learn more about the new GB5 so stick about guys and we will tell you
all about the night and this amazing new piece of kit.
So welcome back guys and just want to introduce two legends from La Marzocco. We've got Justin here our head of technical and Luigi our sales manager. So guys welcome!
Tonight obviously we've got a bit of an event planned here to showcase this beautiful GB5. So Justin a couple of questions about the machine what is new and different about this machine?
Biggest difference is the platform. So the new software,the new 24 volt low volt system lets us look at solenoids, lets us look at managing what's going on in the machine. Let's us read the flow meters a bit better get some more data uh and it also helps us do a lot more things remotely. Yeah biggest biggest difference is the completely new low volt platform.
Awesome so that mean basically means that a a circuit board or something like that cannot open the action or control but get data
back from a device yeah correct yeah
awesome that's cool
and what else is happening inside this
machine mate because i know there is a
lot more behind
this lovely base the i guess if you're
familiar with the
the mini and the home app um that was
the first
step for us to lead into this platform
and this machine that lets
us develop basically software or apps or
interfaces where we can get data from
the machine we can
maybe upload new firmware we can report
back on say what's happening on the
machine inside what the shots have been
like over the course of the day
a whole sort of suite of features
um we're working on that at the moment
because i think the big thing for us is
to have
have more information and feedback from
the real world what people are actually
looking for
one of the big things that people are
talking about at the moment is the
ability to
monitor remotely so if you have a
breakdown or if you have a solenoid that
dies or something like that we can
actually look in
and go hey okay that's this is happening
this has stopped working this is not
drawing power or this is drawing too
much power
and and i guess pre-warn the technician
make sure that they've got the right
parts with them and
they they can turn up fix it first time
it's one massive thing for us and look
downtown's obviously the biggest thing
knowing where tech gets there that he
can actually fix it yeah you know it
knows what he's in for as well which is
gonna be a big
big piss and how is this actually
working is it bluetooth wi-fi what
what's the platform there
so early days for us this it's got
bluetooth um
like we were talking about earlier today
yeah the the main way that it will
communicate is with wi-fi
so it will basically jump onto your
wi-fi um and it and we'll better
we'll better manage it through that way
so pretty much wi-fi yeah great yeah
and any software program things like
that update it's going to be done
through that wi-fi
network or yeah that's still a usb
hardware uh they will be down the track
as we develop the software and the
platforms yeah so you better it'll
batter to like an overnight update or uh
you'll better
push recipes up to customers that kind
of thing so it's kind of what we're
looking at at the moment but
and how to how that works and how to
deploy that yeah awesome yeah
um a couple of basics about machines
obviously has the scales in there which
is familiar across other models
um we've got individual brew boilers for
um each head here essentially change the
i think we've got this one set at 93.5
this one 92.5
uh we'll play with that a bit later
tonight um
that'll dial down there mate what's that
beast little mixing valve a little bit
easier to get to so on there
on the x version uh comes with the pro
touch in the mixing bowl
so rather than the previous version
where you had the little uh the little
sort of bar that you pushed up and down
this is just a lot easier to get to and
manage change if you need to
yeah and it starts to match like
aesthetically yeah
yeah so just dialing in the hot water
mixing valve for your teeth
yeah cool and when you say pro touch one
you can do that yeah yeah really cool
really nice better work is something you
can hang on to i actually love that yeah
sure the tip does still get hot though
cool um anything else mate
that's the big that's the big things for
me i guess with the
for me like i'm quite excited about
what's what's uh coming through in the
future with
with the software yeah and the platform
realistically with the outside like it
is a it is a design
update the factory didn't want to change
too much but
the buttons was a big conversation you
know keeping those uh keeping those
sweep of buttons rather than moving to
say the three button like the pb
sure uh and then just some design
updates on the outside which i
actually really like but yeah yeah
that's that's the major ones
and a water analyzer or oh yeah
what's that so we've got the so we've
got uh probably one of the first
that we've done with the basically a
water sensor so essentially what it's
looking at is the water conductivity
okay so it's continuously what you
consider to be continuous or over a
certain amount of shots or
different parameters it's continuously
measuring uh
the water conductivity which is uh
essentially converted into a
tds reading okay so
you could potentially sit in an alert if
you go out of range you might better see
a range of
of of uh tds that you're looking for
that goes above or below it'll let you
know what's going on
so yeah managing filter filtration
big plus so tds is total dissolvable
solids that's basically i mean minerals
salts all the other things are in water
and basically not having to as a tech
get out there and actually measure those
and then try and get
back all that kind of stuff um it's
great that we can do that as a tech but
if a
you know coffee machine can tell us that
that is that's uh yeah killer for
longevity of a machine
that's pretty cool awesome thanks justin
very much for that that's awesome all
luigi big question for you
what impacts this going to happen having
the i guess the cafe industry
um look i'm actually really excited
about this machine it
um i mean it has its place probably just
the pb as far as equipment is concerned
it uh
it's the lines the lines are a big part
of it i mean if you think of the old gb5
it's it's very much aimed at those
traditional sort of cafes it recalls
the our early machines uh you guys have
just run through a lot of the technical
aspects of the machine
yep and a lot of those are i guess are
the key selling points of the gt5
it gives a certain i guess the barista a
certain control
which is probably on par if not superior
to the pb or the pdx
yep so this machine is available as a
or as a jewel boiler okay so so we have
all these new elements of control
it's highly customizable and uh we think
it sits very well in that space where we
have a traditional cafe
where the bb might not really fit into
that particular
yeah that particular decor and uh and
and it does have
a certain amount of technology that
that's new you know whether it's the
water tester
you know it's it's the pro touch steam
ones that we sort of see also on the
kv-90 and these valves that we sort of
see the steam that's what we see on the
yeah and we've just taken the old gt5
and we've taken it to
a whole new level and we think there's a
judging from the interest we've had so
we think there's a there's a massive
demand for this bit of kit yeah
definitely i mean we've worked on a lot
of the old jv5s there but
just keeping that same elegance the look
but just modernizing it that one little
touch is uh being respectful to the old
look and feel
is amazing so yeah some really beautiful
lines instead in this machine
color wise white and red was there a bit
of a look between
um so there's a multi-ball on the dual
boiler yes so the
the multi-boiler comes in the white yeah
and the dual boiler comes in the red the
red is not the whole machine is in red
it's in the fluid releases because now
we have a fluid elise rather than the
lions on the side of the logo yep
uh so they're the ones that sort of
change color and indicates whether it's
to ascend to anybody seeing the machine
whether it's a multi-board or a jewel
board or something by seeing that you'll
know straight away
also what machine is in front of you and
that's not something you can really
change after market so
that'll be the key identifier moving
forward when people want to start
customizing machines
you'll be able to know what they're
running and
customization is totally up to the
individual and we can do
anything from paint to powder to
electroplating anything to suit any
awesome and where are we for time frame
on these being rolled out in australia
are they available right now
uh look we're currently launching the
machine as we speak
so we're doing a few launches we've done
one in brisbane
we've done one in melbourne we've done
one in sydney uh monique
harbour one in france thank you very
much for the opportunity
uh we're about to do one in perth so the
machines are
available great they're available
you know we don't yet there isn't as big
a but uh there's a there's certainly a
heap of interest and we do have them in
stock in whether it's the two group the
three group with or without scales and a
multiball original
awesome and two group of three group
indeed awesome great
thanks very much guys really appreciate
their time and we have a crack at night
we'll give you a bit more of that
uh yeah in this video so thanks very
much for watching everyone
have an awesome day thanks guys



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