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Dosing pots or dosing cups as some people call them are a great way to measure out and load exacting amounts of coffee into the group handle of your coffee machine. We find here in our espresso bar that they are great for preweighing doses of either decaf or single origin coffee that we can quickly access and drop into a secondary grinder when we are in peak service. Rather that trying to measure and grind coffee directly into a handle, the dosing pots provide for a much cleaner and more efficient method. In this video Luke explains exactly what dosing pots are and how he likes to use them. If you're trying to develop and maintain an accurate brew recipe for making coffee then dosing cups are an essential. We've been using dosing cups in our espresso bar now for quite sometime and certainly couldn't operate without them.

 Unedited Video Transcript

are you sick of having to tare handles
all the time on scales
hey hang about and i'll show you how
this dosing pot is going to speed up
your coffee service
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and answer your questions so today we're
talking about dosing pots
now you may have seen these in quite a
few of our videos
we have two distinct ones that we use
differently and they have different
so this is a 75 mil decor
little plastic tub it's a 75 mil
little container with a lid now we use
to go from the grinder straight into the
pot when it's sitting on a scale but
also we use this to pre-weigh our coffee
for different origins decaf or single
like this color coded with little signs
on the front so that we can pop those
straight into a grinder
grind it go straight into our handle and
we're ready to go
the other type of dosing pot that we use
is something like this metal one
it is a bit larger it allows us to take
the ground volume very well
and we use this to distribute straight
into the handle
why would we use a dosing pot the
biggest reason is that we know we want
to have a standardized amount of ground
coffee into an actual handle now in the
past we would be having a scale
and a group handle and we'd pop it on
and have to turn it on and tear that
continually every time we were going to
put coffee in
because the handles actually don't weigh
the same weight
now they have made this um a bit of a
standard moving forward lumbar zocco
in particular do have weighted handles
that are exactly the same
for their machines that have scales
inbuilt to the drip tray
but if you don't have that you have to
find a way to make that process a lot
and the best way to do that is with a
dosing pot so
these basically weigh the same weight so
you can pop it on there
you can hit tear and you can swap very
quickly between different pots
and be putting it into your handle and
just speeding up your service
while you're actually distributing into
your handle with one pot
you can be hitting the grind on the next
so it's ready when you come back and
that can really
basically double your speed of your
grinding and you'll just
distribute distribution into your handle
so why do we actually use a dosing pot
we've gone from grinding straight into
and maybe using a scoop or something
just to you know
take the top off and tamp that to
knowing how much coffee is going to be
sitting into that
group handle and weight is obviously the
best way to measure that
so the biggest step we've had in the
last couple of years
is is weighing that amount of coffee
because we know the grinders are very
so every time you press a button on a
grinder it's going to grind for a
certain amount of time
and that can vary depending on the grind
size the age of the bean
the moisture in the air and whether it's
getting caught in the chambers
so even though that's all happening the
end result could be
a gram a gram and a half higher or lower
so that's why we are weighing that
amount either adding a little bit more
or taking it out so that we can maintain
a perfect brew recipe
so what's a brew recipe a brew recipe
will give you consistency
in your extraction and if you're not
sure what that is we'll leave a link to
a video we've already done
in the comments below so you may have
seen this using these
in a lot of our videos on this
particular grinder but you may be
because this grinder is actually the
anthem sp2 plus
so we can't use the plastic anymore
because there used to be a button that
we would press to activate that grind
this grinder has has a metal sensor now
so we do have to use
these metal pots so don't get caught if
you've got the new grinders and you buy
the plastic pot
a couple little tips we do put a rubber
mat underneath our scale here
to stop it from sliding and there is
also another rubber mat that you can put
on top of your scale
with these metal ones a bit heavier they
don't tend to move when you've got the
grind coming out
but if you do have the plastic one i
recommend just getting a little bit of a
rubber mat putting it down
because they can move when that grind is
falling on top of it
and it's pretty simple obviously we put
our scale on
we would tear the scale to take the pot
out of the
the measurements start our grind
that's actually come up at 22.3 grams
and we recommend
actually setting your grinder for that
amount of time a little bit less
so that you can use the manual button
and just pop a little extra grind in
and then you're at your goal weight
basically of 22.5
you can get a little bit fiddly having
to use a spoon
and then take it out and if you take too
much out you'll be there for a while so
um don't have it overdose have it under
it heaps quicker so you can see the
grinders come out
really clean there's not much mess
anywhere and it's ready to go straight
into your handle
this is a 58 mil diameter with a 58 mil
and simply you just pop the group handle
on top of the basket
invert it give it a bit of a shake and a
bit of a tap
and you'll end up with your coffee
cleanly inside your basket
then you can use your ocd tool or
whatever you're going to do
to maybe move it around and distribute
that coffee
ready to tamp
beautiful there you go nicely evenly
distributed coffee
the same amount for your brew recipe and
temped ready for your next extraction
so there you go hopefully that gives you
a bit of info about dosing pots
stainless steel aluminium plastic all
different types out there we do have
these on our website if you need them
so check them out thanks very much for
watching guys i hope you got something
out of this
have a great day





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