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Video - How to 'Season' the Heads on an Espresso Machine

Hi guys Joel for Artisti Coffee Roasters here. Today we're going to be talking about ‘seasoning’ the heads on our espresso machine. We've just cleaned with our Cafetto cleaner. If you're wondering how to do that there's a video available check out our page. But after we clean our heads there's going to be a small amount of chemical residue before we serve coffee again. We need to season our heads. You can do that the next day it doesn't have to be straight after you clean your head but make sure you season your head before you serve your next coffee or you'll have that slight chemically taste in the first few coffees.


Alright let's get into it! The first thing that we need to do is under fill our basket with coffee this means that we're not using our standard dose we're using slightly less coffee than we normally would. So you can see their in our basket it's not a full basket of coffee, it's slightly less. The next thing that I'm going to do is ‘over tamp’ that coffee. I want that to be compact as hard as I can get it. In this case I've got my little friend the Puck Press. All I'm going to do is to re-tamp that coffee many, many times. When I say many, many times, really four or five times is going to be ample.


Now after we’ve tamped it, I can show you here you can see I'm well below my dose line. What that will do is when I actually put water onto the coffee that'll allow that water to brew and get a fair amount of water brewed on top of the coffee before I let that go back up through the head and back. Over tamping is quite an important process because we want to try and stop the water flowing through the coffee which is probably the only time that you're ever actually going to under dose and over tamp your coffee.


The next thing I'm going to do is to insert it straight into the head and manually turn on the water to the head. After a few seconds let that brew, I'm going to release that pressure back up through the head. Exactly the same as we did in our cleaning video without chemical and with our water but this time we're brewing coffee in the head and allowing that to go back up through the head. Now you want to keep doing this quite a few times about 7 to 10 times. As I said before what you will notice is eventually water will start to work its way through that coffee and start to

drip out the bottom. That's not a problem, there will still be enough pressure in

the head from that over tamped coffee puck to get that back up through the exhaust

and season the head. We're basically coating all the inside of the head all

the way back up through the exhaust with coffee again to get rid of that chemical

taste. So I've just finished rinsing that back out, we're all clean, we're tidy, we're

ready to serve for the day. It’s that easy!

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Have a great day!

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