i-milk V2 Milk Dispenser with Built-in Jug Rinser + i-fridge Combo

$10,326.65 $12,149.50

i-milk V2 Milk Dispenser with Built-in Jug Rinser + i-fridge Combo

$10,326.65 $12,149.50

i-milk V2 Milk Dispenser with Built-in Jug Rinser

i-Milk V2 milk dispenser & jug rinser uses weight based technology to recognises the size of the jug and fill it to the level you have pre-set as well as rinse jugs placed on the scale upside down. This accurate, hands free milk delivery system is designed to speed up coffee making, reduce wastage and improve consistency.

i-milk is the only milk delivery system on the market using weight based delivery for perfect accuracy. The scale technology offers the barista full control of milk without touching a button!

To rinse your jug simply invert it on the dispenser. There are no buttons to push.

  • Pours 500ml of milk in 5 seconds
  • Save $1000’s per year in waste removal of milk bottles
  • Save the barista picking up and putting down each milk bottle 9 times from the crate to the bin
  • Zero wastage in spillage and over pouring
  • Reduction in OH&S with staff bending down into fridge repeatedly
  • A tidy work space by not having to deal with used milk bottles in a busy work space
  • Reduces clutter with no bottles in your coffee service area allowing baristas to produce more coffee’s per hour
  • 3 years parts and 12 month labour warranty
  • roll in factory solutions or customised to suit your needs
  • i-milk dispenses 2 types of milk drawn from 10 litre catering packs. As each pour is accurate to 1 ml any milk wastage from manual over-pouring is reduced.
  • Use the manual mode for milk shakes and other cold milk beverages.
  • 6 minutes of lock out cleaning and 4 minutes of sanitising
  • i-milk has a compact footprint of 170mm X 280mm and is best located beside your coffee machine(Hole size required to be cut in your bench is 155mm x 265mm)6 minutes of lock out cleaning and 4 minutes of sanitising

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The i-fridge 40 has a milk capacity of up to 40 litres which is comprised of 4 x 10 litre milk bladder drawers. Individual drawers can be removed if required and the milk plumbing connections are safely locked away. Easy to install and design specifically for the i-milk V2, the i-fridge is the ideal fridge.

  • 3 insulated plumbing access holes
  • 12 months warranty
  • Daily cleaning can be carried out without the need to remove the milk tubs.
  • Very Low under bench height (720mm high)
  • Room for alternative milk above the compressor
  • 40 litre storage (any variation of full and skim)
  • 10 amp 230VAC power connection
  • Front flexible plumbing for easy cleaning
  • Easy removal of milk storage system for regular cleaning
  • Colour coded strong food grade tubs for easy transportation
  • Fan forced compressor chilling system
  • 730mm wide, x 700mm deep x 720mm high

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  • Price excludes delivery
  • Qualified technician required for installation & warranty purposes. Install cost estimate $450.00+GST
  • After purchase you will be referred to our local agent for delivery confirmation.
  • Stainless steel fonts only - optional colours available add $150.00+GST
  • Plumbing & connection cables are a standard 3m. (5m available at additional cost)
  • 12 months parts & labour warranty in Australia.