I-Rinse Hands Free Jug Rinser

$750.00 $799.00

I-Rinse Hands Free Jug Rinser

$750.00 $799.00

The i-rinse is the latest technology from i-milk to be released into the Australian specialty coffee scene. A hands-free option to traditional milk jug rinsers, the i-rinse is super easy to use and programmed to help baristas spend less time rinsing their milk jugs and more time preparing the next espresso shot or steaming milk. 

The i-rinse uses automatic, hands-free, weight-based technology which senses when a milk jug is placed on the jug rest. Programmed for different jug sizes, the i-rinse will spray a specific amount of water for a small jug,and a larger amount for a larger jug. If your jug isn't washed sufficiently the first time, simply tap the jug once to begin the rinse process again. 

The i-rinse is fully retrofittable into your bench, and can be placed in an existing hole from a previous milk pitcher rinser. Simply place the i-rinse in your bench and attach to the mains water supply, the power supply, and your drain. As well as being easy to install, the i-rinse can be cleaned by simply lifting off the jug rest and cleaning the inside of the rinser before placing the jug rest back on. 

With the i-rinse, there is no need to press down on the jug to activate a mechanism, or wait for the jug to be fully rinsed before you can start another task - simply place the jug on the jug rest and it will be cleaned for you when you're ready to steam your milk. 

- Hands-free jug washer
- Easy to use and install
- Automatic rinsing
- No pressing or holding needed
- No jamming water spouts
- Smart sense rinse times
- 1.5 second rinse for small jugs, and slightly longer rinse for larger jugs
- Gives the ultimate rinse, every time
- Simply tap the jug for a second rinse
- Quick action stop function
- Lift the jug to stop a rinse
- Easy cleaning - simply remove the jug rest
- Faster service in your cafe 

- Bench cut out: 145mm x 180mm*
- Clearance under bench: 200mm
- Mains water connection: 1/2 BSP Male with isolation valve
- Shares the coffee machine's waste outlet
- Power: 10A/230V

*We recommend you always receive your rinser before cutting into benchtop. 
*Jug not included.  

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  • Price excludes delivery
  • Qualified technician required for installation & warranty purposes. Install cost estimate $450.00+GST
  • After purchase you will be referred to our local agent for delivery confirmation.
  • Stainless steel fonts only - optional colours available add $150.00+GST
  • Plumbing & connection cables are a standard 3m. (5m available at additional cost)
  • 12 months parts & labour warranty in Australia.