Quick Mill Vetrano 2b Dual Boiler Rotary Pump with LED

$4,099.00 $4,500.00

Quick Mill Vetrano 2b Dual Boiler Rotary Pump with LED

$4,099.00 $4,500.00

Purchase a Quick Mill Coffee Machine and you'll also receive a 3 month supply of coffee. That's 1kg of Artisti Coffee shipped to your door every month for three months!

Dual boiler Coffee machine with Rotary pump and LED strip lights

Stand-By Mode, PID Temperature Control

Coffee boiler 0.75 l./ Steam boiler 1.60 l. with external coating,
Coffee resistance 800 Watt 230 Vac/115 Vac

Coffee resistance 1400 Watt 230 Vac

Steam resistance 1100 Watt 115 Vac

Safety coffee and Safety steam thermostat

Max steam boiler level probe, Electronic floating sensor (for water tray)

Static coffee and steam heating relay, Double-scale pressure gauge

Rotary pump with external lateral adjustment right

PID temperature control with independent coffee and steam adjustments

Steam lance and anti-slip water lance, LED lights

Lever switch to activate steam resistance (energy saving)

Water loading door, Water supply connection

Preparation of direct discharge of water into the drip tray

3 l. water tray with sound alarm lack of water

Switch for direct connection of water or tank network

Adjustable stainless steel feet, Certified safety valve
Stainless steel bodywork 304 (Glossy)