Single Origin Coffee - Mr Yesid Castaneda - Colombian


Single Origin Coffee - Mr Yesid Castaneda - Colombian

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By purchasing this coffee you are supporting Mr Yesid & his farm

A farmer all of his life, 14 years ago Mr Yesid of Los Andes, Huila decided to move away from farming sugarcane and planted the Red & Yellow Caturra variety of bean.

Our green bean suppliers Co-op governed by Fair Trade practices, provides Mr Yesid with the opportunity to bring you his variety. They have worked hand in hand to introduce to his production the natural processes of coffee. They have supported Mr Yesid in expanding his offering by  planting 3000 trees of Pink Bourbon variety by providing him with the infrastructure of drying facilities as part of the Co-Op offering.

Passionfruit, red grape, cacao.

Name: Mr Yesid Castaneda
Country: Colombia
Farmer: Mr Yesid Castaneda
District: Los Andes Huila
Varietal: Red and Yellow Caturra
Process: Natural - Anaerobic 60hr Fermentation
Altitude: 1800 - 2000 MASL

This is a light roast coffee from only one origin, roasted to showcase the complexity of coffee.