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Linea Mini Installed in a Caravan - Ready to Travel Australia

 Wisecup coffee caravan


 Is this the ultimate coffee caravan? Installing a Linea Mini, Anfim Best on Demand Grinder a Cinoart automatic tamper in a caravan is really taking things to the next level.

 Linea Mini coffee machine installed in a caravan


 The caravan in this video is quite unique. It's manufactured in Australia by Royal Flair Caravans (Piazza Series) and it has quite a large deck that folds down from the front of the caravan. That gives it the perfect space to set up a little espresso bar and serve coffee from which is exactly what the owners of this van are doing. They plan to travel Australia and serve coffee as they go to earn a little extra cash while they are on the road. They will be operating under the name Wisecup and you will be able to follow their journey on Instagram under the same name.

In this video Luke shows you around the van and how he has installed the coffee equipment as well as what you need to keep in mind when installing such things.

Hope you enjoy the video. 


Video Transcript

So check this out.

00:00:01:16 - 00:00:03:27
Something awesome inside this cupboard door.

00:00:06:19 - 00:00:10:00
Linea Mini, Anfim grinder, automatic tamper.

00:00:10:13 - 00:00:12:16
But you wouldn't believe where this thing's installed.

00:00:12:23 - 00:00:13:23
Have a look at this.

00:00:13:23 - 00:00:17:24
So I've just fitted that awesome gear in this Royal Flair caravan.

00:00:18:02 - 00:00:19:18
It's got the big sky deck so you've

00:00:19:18 - 00:00:23:05
basically go to a cafe on the front, and there's a heap of other gear inside.

00:00:23:14 - 00:00:26:11
Now, this is a unique setup for a couple that are going to be

00:00:26:11 - 00:00:29:18
using this and transforming it into a bit of a cafe.

00:00:29:24 - 00:00:31:03
They're going to be in caravan parks

00:00:31:03 - 00:00:34:08
traveling around, and this setup is going to allow them

00:00:34:08 - 00:00:37:15
not only to enjoy their holidays, but make a few bucks as well.

00:00:37:19 - 00:00:39:29
So come on in and I'll show you some of the features of this caravan

00:00:39:29 - 00:00:41:17
and what we've done with this installation

00:00:49:10 - 00:00:50:02
So this is a pretty

00:00:50:02 - 00:00:53:03
modern caravan, and it's got a lot of normal features

00:00:53:03 - 00:00:56:26
like a shower, toilets, your fridges, microwaves, all that kind of stuff.

00:00:56:28 - 00:00:58:19
That's standard in caravans.

00:00:58:19 - 00:01:01:02
But the upgrades in here are things like induction, cooktop.

00:01:01:22 - 00:01:04:03
This bed actually by a touch of a button, will

00:01:04:03 - 00:01:05:18
raise right up.

00:01:07:20 - 00:01:09:25
And a TV will pop up out of here

00:01:09:25 - 00:01:11:25
automatically as well.

00:01:15:12 - 00:01:16:28
So one of the unique things about this

00:01:16:28 - 00:01:19:04
caravan is the skydeck and it's through here.

00:01:22:15 - 00:01:24:01
So this Skydeck folds

00:01:24:01 - 00:01:27:04
flat up against this wall with a big fiberglass cover.

00:01:27:24 - 00:01:30:19
It's about a two meter square and it holds four people

00:01:31:05 - 00:01:33:24
and that's only available, I believe, through Royal Flair.

00:01:34:13 - 00:01:38:08
And because you can have this deck, they've optioned it out with this pigeon

00:01:38:08 - 00:01:42:10
hole here or cubbyhole, you might say, to allow us to put this coffee gear in.

00:01:42:29 - 00:01:46:06
So we've got a full working Linea Mini like

00:01:46:06 - 00:01:49:00
this is an amazing machine that you'd have at home

00:01:49:16 - 00:01:51:17
with a great grinder and automatic tampers.

00:01:52:00 - 00:01:55:20
Now, every coffee machine has a lot of power to make it work.

00:01:56:00 - 00:01:57:25
So we've had to think about

00:01:57:25 - 00:02:01:00
how we are going to supply power to this when you're totally off grid

00:02:01:13 - 00:02:04:29
and also when you're in a caravan park where you can plug in and get some power.

00:02:05:16 - 00:02:08:28
We've got tanks underneath for water, but also mains

00:02:08:28 - 00:02:12:00
water supply and we have to look at the drainage as well.

00:02:12:16 - 00:02:15:16
So we've just got that drain from the coffee machine out to a bucket.

00:02:16:02 - 00:02:18:27
So when you've got a caravan and you're driving down the road, a lot of things

00:02:18:27 - 00:02:21:19
move around so we've had to bolt down the tampers.

00:02:21:27 - 00:02:25:10
The grinders and the coffee machine with brackets so that it won't move.

00:02:25:17 - 00:02:28:01
To complete the little cafe set up.

00:02:28:01 - 00:02:31:10
You got a little shelf up and heaps of storage

00:02:31:18 - 00:02:34:23
underneath for all your cups, coffee and anything that you need

00:02:37:09 - 00:02:38:01
All we need

00:02:38:01 - 00:02:41:09
is a bit of coffee and you're ready to go.

00:02:43:16 - 00:02:44:08
So in here,

00:02:44:08 - 00:02:47:02
you've got all of your battery and your management system.

00:02:47:15 - 00:02:50:24
So they've got a full battery management system here

00:02:50:24 - 00:02:53:24
to basically help with the lithium batteries that are in here.

00:02:54:00 - 00:02:56:15
I'm pretty sure it's two 200 amp hour lithiums.

00:02:56:29 - 00:02:58:10
And that's the only kind of size

00:02:58:10 - 00:03:00:17
that you're going to be able to run a big coffee machine.

00:03:00:17 - 00:03:02:21
Your air con, the induction cooker.

00:03:02:21 - 00:03:05:14
That's definitely a significant upgrade to a caravan.

00:03:05:21 - 00:03:09:23
This caravans also got full Wi-Fi and it has an instantaneous hot

00:03:09:23 - 00:03:12:18
water system even though you can have gas and electric

00:03:12:23 - 00:03:14:28
water systems, they do take a bit of time to heat up the water.

00:03:15:06 - 00:03:18:07
This one is just turn on the tap and she's hot, ready to go.

00:03:18:15 - 00:03:22:19
For us we're stoked about to put a Linea Mini into a beautiful caravan like this.

00:03:23:01 - 00:03:26:13
If you're travelling and hopefully it's inspired you to upgrade

00:03:26:13 - 00:03:29:03
perhaps your coffee set up to enjoy coffee wherever you are.

00:03:29:06 - 00:03:31:13
So just the things you got to think about is the power.

00:03:31:15 - 00:03:34:09
Are you going to run this from batteries or a generator?

00:03:34:09 - 00:03:34:29
Some water?

00:03:34:29 - 00:03:37:15
How are you going to actually get that supply from tank or mains?

00:03:37:24 - 00:03:40:00
And then the security of actually getting this gear

00:03:40:01 - 00:03:41:21
bolted down and safe for travel.

00:03:41:21 - 00:03:44:16
If you're looking to do a set up like this, have you got any questions?

00:03:44:16 - 00:03:47:00
Make sure you shoot a comment. Happily answer those for you.

00:03:47:09 - 00:03:48:21
Or if we can help you build it.

00:03:48:21 - 00:03:50:03
We'd love to hear from you.

00:03:50:03 - 00:03:52:08
Thanks very much for watching, guys. We'll catch you next time.

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