Home Barista Training

Do this training if you want to get most out of your home coffee machine & sharpen up your skills.

  • Equipment overview
  • Best recipe for your equipment
  • Basic extraction, milk & pouring techniques

Barista Training - Fundamentals

Looking to work in a cafe, already working in one? Either way, everyone needs to know the fundamentals of coffee making to ensure you've got the best foundations to grow as a barista.

This a commercial barista training on commercial equipment (see below for home training). Even if you've had training elsewhere, we require everyone to start with Fundamentals prior to Intermediate.

In this session you'll learn about:

  • Specialty coffee equipment
  • Dose, yield & time
  • Dialing in
  • Button selection & cup ratios
  • Distribution & tamping
  • How to froth / stretch / texture milk
  • How to pour a heart
  • How to make basic coffee menu drinks

Barista Training - Intermediate

Once you've done our Barista Fundamentals training, you're ready to move onto Barista Intermediate to give you a deeper understanding of preparing exceptional coffee.

  • Understanding aging coffee
  • Understanding singles, doubles, ristrettos & normales
  • Diagnosing extraction issues
  • Milk levels, texturing & splitting
  • How to prepare a large order
  • How to deep clean a coffee machine & grinder
  • How to season a coffee machine

Coffee Menu Explained

If you're just starting out in coffee or just starting a new job as a barista and you're not sure what each of the coffees are and how to prepare each one then this video is for you! We take you through each of the most common coffees like Piccolo, Cappuccino, Latte, Flatt White, Long Black etc and show you exactly how to make them.