How long will my coffee last?
Properly stored, whole coffee beans will generally taste good for about 4 weeks from roast date and pre-ground coffee is best used within 10 days. We recommend consuming between 10 and 21 days from roast date for the best experience.

How much coffee should I order?
This is a very personal question with may contributing factors including brewing method, dose acceptable age rage and much more. Below is a rough consumption guide.
Consumption Guide:
Up to 14 cups per week = 250g
Up to 24 cups per week = 500g
Up to 50 cups per week = 1 kg

Where do you source your coffee from?
Our coffees are ethically sourced from all over the globe, from South America, Africa, Central America through to Asia we are always looking to improve our coffees and relationships we have with our farmers and their communities. We either buy from an accredited Australian importer or a direct to farm relationship which is a great result giving us a great product and the farmer a great price.

Can I buy your coffee wholesale?
Yes, we love working with like-minded wholesale partners and offer a wide range of products and services exclusive to our wholesalers. Fill in the inquiry form on our wholesale page and one of our sale team will be in contact.


Technical Support

Do I have to create an account to order?
No, you can place an order as a guest, as per our T&Cs we will need some information to fulfill your order.

I’ve forgotten my account password, how do I log back in?
From the my account page you will be able to perform a password reset.  Click on the “forgot password” icon, you will then be sent an email with a link to reset your password.

How do I adjust my current order?
Only we have the capability to adjust an order once it has been placed. If you need your order adjusted do not delay get in contact with us straight away!

How do I update my details?
You can update your details from the my account page.

Is there someone I can call to help me update my account?
Definitely, we are more than happy to assist you. Call 0434 299 200 during office hours or fill out our contact form and someone will call you back as soon as possible.



Where do I go to change my subscription?
Your subscription can be managed from the my account page, sign in and click on the "Manage my subscription" button. From here you will be able to manage your next charge date, frequency, volume, delivery address billing information and other parameters.

Can I pause or change my subscription?
When managing your subscription, you will have options to skip your next charge, change your order frequency, change the next charge date, and cancel your active subscriptions. Although you can’t technically “pause” your subscription using the above options, should get you where you need to be.

Will my subscription be fresh coffee?
Yes, all ongoing subscriptions will be charged Sunday to be roasted and dispatched the following day. (we will process your first subscription order as soon as you place it, so you get coffee sooner) this roast will only ever be from the previous Monday.

Can I get free shipping if I order other items with my subscription?
Unfortunately our system will charge shipping as soon as a non-subscription product is added to your cart. The good news is we have a very reasonable flat shipping rate of $9.95!


Returns & Warranty

If I don’t like your coffee, can I get a refund?
As per our Returns / Refund Policy we have conditions for returns and refunds, personal taste is not a valid reason for a refund. If you do not love our coffee, we would love to hear your feedback and possibly help you on your coffee journey.

Do you offer warranties?
Yes, all items you buy from us are covered both by an Australian Consumer Guarantee and by a manufacturer warranty. If something breaks, fails to work, or lets you down in another way that relates to faulty manufacture, you are possibly entitled to have it fixed, replaced, or even refunded, depending on the circumstance. We simply adhere to Australian Consumer Law on this.

How do I return a faulty product?
If you receive a product that is defective, damaged, or faulty please contact us to arrange its return. You need to send it to us, if we deem it to be a manufactures fault we will refund the goods and the freight costs to you. We will arrange to either refund your money or replace the product upon receipt of the defective product.



Can I pickup my order in-store?
Yes you can, in the information section of the checkout you can select “Pick Up” instead of shipping. Your order will be packed, and you will be sent notification that it is ready for collection. BEWARE some browsers may autofill past the information section of the checkout, in this case simply select “information” in the top left of checkout to go back a step.

Do you ship overseas?
Sorry, We currently do not offer international shipping.

Do you charge for shipping?
We have flat rate $9.95 Australia wide shipping for all our products. The best way to get free freight for coffee is to have a Coffee Subscriptions.

How do I track my order?
Once your order has been fulfilled you will be emailed an order tracking number along with a link to a tracking page.

How long will my order take to arrive?
We dispatch daily Monday to Friday from our roastery. From there shipping time can vary depending on your location and courier. Always check you tracking details to obtain an estimated arrival date.

Can I add a one-off product to my subscription?
No, unfortunately a subscription in an automated system that allows for an automatic order to be placed and cannot be adjusted for a one off.

Can I add to an order that I have been notified as fulfilled?
No, a Fulfilled notification means your goods are packed and on the way to you! Please place another order.

Do you ship to PO Box addresses?
Yes! We are able to ship to PO Box addresses.



I’m having trouble paying? What should I do?

We find that website can autofill, your computer can remember your settings so please clear your browser cache in your browser setting this can help you start fresh.

Shop Pay won’t allow me to pick up or select shipping?
Shop pay is an app that helps you add your details into Shopify and you pre-set your information, like your address, emails and card details to make it quicker for you to shop online. This auto fills your information and can override the options in websites. It also can auto fill from your original purchases and can be hard to make a change. This is not an issue with our website, you need to go back and change your Shop Pay settings.

I can’t select pick up when in the cart?
If you have purchased from our store before, the cart remembers you, it will auto fill your history of shipping or a pick up as an option. If this happens go back to the <information> tab and change your shipping method, this will then adjust the freight costs in the payment cart.