Our Vision

... is to empower the world to make better coffee & operate successful coffee businesses.

Our Mission

... is to educate, inspire & equip all baristas, business owners & coffee lovers, through access to resources, high quality products & services, ensuring success, happiness & longevity, as well as a memorable coffee experience.

Who is Artisti?

Established in 2009, we are a coffee company focused on producing high quality coffee, education & business support. Located on the Coffs Coast, we sell all things coffee online Australia-wide & service regional NSW wholesale customers.

Best known for our hands-on approach to supplying & supporting cafes with coffee, equipment, servicing, training & business consulting; we strive to enable our café partners to run successful businesses, build their dreams & support their lifestyle. We pride ourselves in being a trusted & reliable source of knowledge, experience & support for our café partners to learn from & call upon at all stages of their business.

We endeavor to create a community of baristas, business owners & coffee lovers that will see our company supported & thriving for generations. Representing our customers & our town, we always act & speak in a way that is respectful, kind, honest, caring & humble. We maintain our direct connection to our customers as well as our hands-on approach. This has been the cornerstone of building strong friendships & business relationships.

As individuals, we are fun, friendly, outgoing & motivated. As a team, we support each other, teach each other, we work hard together - enabling our business to grow & be sustainable into the future. We leave no man behind, therefore our staff are there for each other by being flexible & the having the ability to adapt to the teams needs at any given time. We are not here to cut corners or find shortcuts, we are here to set high standards & work smarter while maintaining our strong work ethic. We are proactive, forward thinking & self sufficient with a motivation to do our jobs to the best of our ability. We represent our brand when we are on & off the clock, always maintaining our professionalism. We understand the needs of our customers, the flexibility required to service & support them in hospitality hours, and we appreciate the lifestyle & balance our jobs allows us to live because of this. We are grateful for the opportunity to work in the coffee industry in regional New South Wales, not having to live in a major city to do so.

We are building a platform for people to enjoy & learn about coffee that is not prejudice, it does not judge, it does not take pride in knowing more than another, but rather uses that opportunity to impart knowledge & empower them. Through our café partners, roastery & online, we will maintain a friendly, relaxed, relatable & approachable feel, leaving every customer feeling satisfied that they were given an honest & quality product & service.

Meet the team

Luke Floyd

Director / Owner at Artisti Coffee Roasters & BLACKWHITE Espresso

Luke is passionate about coffee and the industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in business operations, product management, project management and business development. Luke has opened & sold multiple highly successful cafes during his time.

☕️ Favourite Coffee = Dble shot long black on a good single origin.

Rod Simpson

General Manager

Rod has over 25 years of experience as a Business Manager in many industries such as Food Distribution, Accounting and Finance, Building and Construction as well as Surveying and Engineering. Rod loves nothing better than seeing customers and team members enjoying what they do and succeeding at their goals.

☕️ Favourite Coffee = Dble Ris Latte

Jimmy Evans

Brand Manager & CRM

Spending over 10 years working as a full time barista throughout Australia for the top coffee companies, Jimmy has been an integral part of opening what we now know as the top cafes on the Coffs Coast. Moving from coffee making to a career in graphic design, brand management & digital media - Jimmy brings all of his coffee knowledge and marketing advice to the table.

☕️ Favourite Coffee = Dble Ris Latte

Ryan Webber

Digital Marketing Manager

Ryan is our creative genius who produces all our video and photo content here at Artisti. He also looks after our Social Media and is responsible for filming, producing and editing all the amazing YouTube videos you see on our channel. We love how Ryan's content strikes the perfect balance between being both entertaining and informative and that he always captures the magic moments!

☕️ Favourite Coffee = Dble Ris Latte

Zac Gledhill

Head Roaster

With years and years of experience behind espresso machines, Zac sure knows his stuff! He works here as our head roaster and was integral to setting up our barista training program. Zac is humble and always eager to improve his craft, he believes that the key to great coffee is the combination of knowledge, skill and passion.

☕️ Favourite Coffee = 48 hour cold shocked carbonic maceration geisha pour over with de ionised water re mineralised with potassium chloride and magnesium sulphate at 97 degrees 4 x pours and served in a short tumbler.

Kaitlin Evans

Trainer & Production Support

Kaitlin is a gun barista and she shares her skills and knowledge as a trainer and teacher for both our cafe partner baristas and home baristas. At other times you will find her in the warehouse working in production packing and shipping out orders.

☕️ Favourite Coffee = Batch brew on a tasty single origin.

Nicki Kennedy

Administration & Operations

Nicki brings years of administration experience to the team. She is highly organised and has a sharp attention to detail. Nicki's skills ensure that our servicing and production teams are equipped with all the right info to do a great job for our customers.

☕️ Favourite Coffee = Low tide almond flat white

Blake Usher

Customer Success Manager

With years of experience managing cafes, roasting coffee and supporting cafe owners in Sydney, Blake brings a wealth of knowledge and helpful advice to Artisti Cafe Partners ensuring they run successful coffee businesses.

☕️ Favourite Coffee = Long black SOW

Byron Vinecombe


Byron takes care of all repairs and maintenance of our espresso equipment. Calm under pressure and with over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, he's the guy who will get you out of a spot of equipment trouble and ensure your gear is in top shape.

☕️ Favourite Coffee = Double Ris flat white.

Therese Coggin


Wonder woman, camera shy, fixer upper, loves $$$’s, good cop & bad cop.

Pavlina Horackova


Pavlina aka Paya is an amazing barista and a highly valued member of our bar team. Paya originally hails from Prague in the Czech Republic but lucky for us she now calls the mid north coast of NSW home. You will find Paya is super bright and friendly and can pour some seriously good coffee

☕️ Favourite Coffee = Piccolo

Alissa Moore


Alissa is one very talented young barista who sure knows her way around an espresso machine. Alissa is a Coffs Coast local and joined our team after having worked as a barista for one of our local cafe partners.

☕️ Favourite Coffee = Piccolo