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A taste of Melbourne's Coffee Scene with Laura Angelia - YouTuber and Vlogger

Melbourne, often hailed as the coffee capital of Australia, is a city that takes its coffee seriously. It's a place where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the air as you stroll down its vibrant streets. To delve into Melbourne's rich coffee culture, we teamed up with the delightful Laura Angelia, a seasoned barista and YouTube content creator, to guide us through the city's finest coffee spots.

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Laura has been living in Melbourne for five years, and her journey into coffee started when she moved to this bustling metropolis. We caught up with her as she graciously agreed to show us around Melbourne's coffee scene. Here's a glimpse of our caffeinated adventure:

Maker: Our First Coffee Stop

Our first destination was Maker, a renowned coffee haven in Melbourne's CBD. As we sipped on our expertly crafted coffee, Laura shared her journey from a non-coffee drinker to a coffee aficionado. She explained that the passion and love for coffee in Melbourne had drawn her in, eventually leading her to become a barista and start her YouTube channel. She also touched on the unexpected success of her coffee-related content on YouTube, which proved that many people are fascinated by the art of coffee making.

What Makes Melbourne a Coffee Central Place?

Melbourne's reputation as a coffee mecca is not just a fluke. Laura attributed this phenomenon to the city's people, who have developed a deep love for coffee over the years. Even she couldn't resist the allure of Melbourne's coffee culture. As she put it, "I've probably just got dragged into it, and then I became snobby about it." The passion of the people combined with the skill of the baristas creates a unique coffee ecosystem.

Exploring Melbourne's Coffee Shops

When it comes to recommending coffee shops in Melbourne, Laura found it challenging because there are so many excellent options. She categorizes them based on various criteria, such as filter coffee, milk-based coffee, ambiance, and suitability for work. However, she did mention a few of her favorites:

  1. Maker: Known for its filter coffee, Maker is Laura's go-to spot for a perfect cup of filter coffee.

  2. OKO Cafe: Located in the CBD, OKO Cafe is known for its innovative coffee creations. Danny, the owner, is a coffee professional who regularly surprises Laura with unique coffee experiences.

  3. Coffee Cartel: A nearby cafe known for its fantastic filter coffee.

Our coffee journey continued as we ventured to Cartel Roasters, a cafe that once had an extensive menu but had to streamline its offerings due to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Despite the changes, Laura remembered Cartel fondly for its unique filter coffee served in wine glasses. It's one of those places that perfectly encapsulates Melbourne's coffee culture—dedicated to quality and innovation.

The Magic of a Melbourne "Magic"

While at Cartel, we ordered a "Magic," a quintessential Melbourne coffee specialty. Laura explained that a Magic is essentially a double ristretto shot with two-thirds milk and latte foam consistency. It's a delightful concoction that blends the intensity of espresso with the creaminess of milk.

The Art of Coffee Machines

Throughout our coffee exploration, Laura couldn't help but notice the coffee machines used in each cafe. She revealed that she's somewhat of a snob when it comes to coffee machines. A good coffee machine, in her opinion, plays a pivotal role in crafting the perfect cup of coffee.

Our caffeinated adventure concluded with our taste buds tingling and our hearts warmed by Melbourne's coffee culture. As we sipped our coffee in a cozy Melbourne alleyway, we couldn't help but appreciate the dedication and passion of the city's baristas, coffee shop owners, and coffee lovers.

If you're ever in Melbourne, make sure to explore its diverse coffee scene, and who knows, you might just become a coffee snob like Laura and me. Don't forget to check out Laura's YouTube channel for more coffee adventures and insights into Melbourne's thriving coffee culture.

In Melbourne, every cup of coffee tells a story, and each sip is a journey into the heart of a city that truly loves its coffee. Thank you, Laura Angelia, for being our guide on this caffeinated tour of Melbourne's coffee paradise.


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