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Edio Miranda - Single Origin Coffee

The Edio Miranda story begun in 1947 when ‘Sitio Santo Antonio do Prado’ an estate of 28 hectares was acquired by Edio Miranda and his wife Maria Aparecida Milagres Miranda. From a land that had no usage, the couple turned it into their major source of income with the coffee production as well as a place for the family leisure as it’s located inside a national park (Parque Estadual da Serra do Brigadeiro) surrounded by numerous waterfalls and beautiful mountain views. The coffee production dates for many years now but only about 15 years ago after focusing on better post-harvest practices, they realized the potential of their coffees. Since then they are dedicated to quality improvement and have been awarded at regional coffees competitions.

Edio and Maria’s children are involved on the production and the coffee processing is done exclusively by the family members at their own property. The property is located on mountains and the picking is done only manually. The picked cherries are directed to African beds where the unripe ones are manually removed. Once the lot has reached the ideal humidity level, its cupped by Edio who determines the coffee profile and goes to storage for the post drying phase.

Located at a privileged area at higher altitudes with ideal climate, the production is a result of coffees with great quality. Additionally, Edio is very concerned about making the production as sustainable as possible, caring for the maintenance of the soil, preservation of rivers and local species by keeping green runways’ along the property. Their main objective is to become a property sustainable in all three aspects: economic, social and environmental.

As for the post-harvest, the main objective is to keep the quality of the coffees by promoting a drying process as slow as possible and a strict control of the humidity level to avoid risks of over fermentation.


This coffee is proudly bought to Australia by 3brotherscoffee.

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