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The Acaia Orion Bean Doser

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Video transcript:

G’day Luke here from Artisti Coffee.  We’re just going to do a little review on the Acaia Orion bean doser. So, this is a product that would be awesome in your specialty espresso bar allowing you to dose out your individual shots for say like an EK43 so you can use single origins or your decaf beans. Most people have little containers that you’d store beans in and cap them. It’s obviously a bit of time involved to be able to do that. Where the Orion allows you to get that on demand.

Yeah, so it’s a cool looking little device which is very impressive as a unit. There’s some good stuff about it that we really like so we just want to take you through it.  So, first up you’ve got your hopper on the top and it’s a great amount for specialty style beans. If you’re going to put a kilo or something like that in there then it’s definitely a bit small if you’ve got really high volume. But most specialty beans are going to be in a 250 gram bag or 500 gram bag so there’s ample enough room in there for you.

Yeah, so it’s got a great user interface. Quit smart with a beautiful LCD display on the front of it, quite easy to read. It also has a nice little light here on the front to show you where to put your beans. So there’s three different settings that you can have pre-programmed.  You can program those from the app or direct from the user interface. So you can have 15 grams, 20 grams or 25 grams if you like and you simply turn the dial to go through each of those options. To activate the unit it is quite simple. You just have to press on the bottom of the unit and it’s going to dispense a big chunk of beans then it will assess how much weight has been delivered. Then it will activate a slower process to give you a few extra beans. In that process  we’re finding that there’s about .4 to .6 grams difference when it’s actually dosing and that would be because that one bean isn’t always going to weigh the same. So, in terms of the technology and the concept it’s trying to do that’s quite acceptable for industry standards.

The unit itself has an in built battery which runs the scale and the whole unit. You can just plug that into the charger and you’re going to get plenty of life out of that. So in the average café you’re going to get about a weeks usage out of it. The scales are amazing, Acaia make beautiful scales so we know how responsive they are, it’s very fast and very good for the quick re-tareing for all different devices.

The really cool thing is that you don’t have to have the same vessel. So, if you have a pour over you’re going to have a certain tub that you’re going to use to get your volume that you want for the pour over.  Then if you had an espresso next time you could have a different size vessel, pop it straight on and dispense the different option as well. Okay, so we’re done. It does take a little bit of time for it to assess the extra little bit of beans that it has to drop in.

The Orion has a nice LED so you know exactly where to put your vessel so when you push your button it will dispense straight into it. So, yeah the Orion itself is a cool little product to have in your specialty espresso bar. If you’ve got lots of different beans that you’re trying to change and dispense and not have to have them all stored ready to go every day, yeah it’s a really cool option. You know it’s over the thousand dollar mark so it’s got a bit of cost to it. If you’re that high end espresso bar looking to have different blends, single origins and have a lot of flexibility in one small location it’s a really good product for you to have on board.

Overall it’s a great little, cool gadget for the market place.

Make sure you like us. Comment down below if you’ve been using one. We’d love to hear you’re feedback on the product.

Catch you next time!

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