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We Visit Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2022

Join Luke & Jimmy as they visit Melbourne and take an epic walk around at the International Coffee Expo which is also host to the World Barista Championships 2022. They visit all the big stands like La Marzocco, Sanremo, Pesado, Specht, Ona and we chat to all the industry leaders and personalities like Lance Hendrick, Mattew Lewin, Morgan Eckroth, Joshua Robertson, Timothy Sweet, the guys from Breakfast Shirts and plenty more.

An exciting part of the show was that Artisti were invited by La Marzocco to take over their Mod Bar for a couple of hours and serve up some of our coffee including our Champion blend and a delicious single origin. Plus amongst it all you'll see Luke swinging his driver as he plays a quick round of golf at La Trobe for the La Marzocco golf day which is quite entertaining.

So, trust us this is an epic video but you're really going to enjoy it!


Unedited Video Transcript




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