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Exploring the La Marzocco range with Erik from La Marzocc Australia

When Luke visited the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE 2022) this year he caught up with his friend Erik on the La Marzocco stand and got chatting about their coffee machines.

Luke and Erik explore the entire LM range starting from the all new updated Linea Classic which is the Classic S. One interesting and exciting product from La Marzocco (which isn't a coffee machine) that they take a look at is 'The Wally'. This is an automatic heater and steamer for milk that taps into the espresso machines boiler. It's very impressive and a great addition to a commercial coffee bar to free up time in the work flow.

Here at Artisti we've always been huge fans of La Marzocco and the equipment they produce. It's the machine of choice for our Artisti Cafe Partners due to the reliability and quality.

We hope you like this video and enjoy exploring the range of La Marzocco machines with Luke and Erik.


Unedited Video Transcript 

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