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6 Amazing New Coffee Products at Host Milan 2023

Introduction: Host Milan 23, the premier coffee and hospitality event, has once again brought forth a plethora of cutting-edge products and innovations in the coffee industry. In this blog post, we will introduce you to six game-changing products and one bonus addition that caught our attention during this monumental event. These products range from espresso machines to grinders and from milk frothers to coffee brewers. Get ready to explore the future of coffee technology!

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1. Tone Touch 3 Espresso Machine: A Coffee Innovator's Dream

The Tone Touch 3 is a revolutionary espresso machine that promises to make waves in the coffee industry. Boasting flexible water pressure control, this machine is perfect for espresso aficionados. The prototype we witnessed has 54mm handles, but an industry-standard 58mm is expected in future versions. The machine's Flow Heat technology transforms chilled water into steam or any desired temperature in a mere two seconds, with low power consumption and high efficiency.

2. Morning Pod Machine and Dream Milk Frother: The Perfect Coffee Duo

Morning presented two incredible products: the Morning Pod Machine and the Dream Milk Frother. The Pod Machine is designed for precision and pre-set recipes, ensuring a fantastic cup every time. The Dream Milk Frother, with its infrared beam temperature control, offers the flexibility to froth milk exactly as you like, whether it's for a latte or almond milk. These two products seamlessly combine for an exceptional coffee experience.

3. Varia Evo Handheld Battery-Operated Grinder: Coffee on the Go

The Varia Evo is a portable, battery-operated grinder with a conical burr set perfect for coffee enthusiasts who love to grind fresh beans on the go. It offers precise and quiet grinding, making it ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy traveling or outdoor activities. With the convenience of a rechargeable battery, fresh coffee is at your fingertips, wherever you are.

4. Hemro's Grind by Sync: Smart Coffee Grinding

Hemro's Grind by Sync introduces an innovative concept of interconnected coffee machines and grinders. This IoT technology enables the coffee machine and grinder to communicate via the cloud, ensuring a consistently reproducible coffee-making process. By achieving two-way communication, it helps maintain precise control over coffee quality, making life easier for baristas and providing valuable insights for roasters.

5. Fiorenzato Sense: Precision Grinding by Weight

The Fiorenzato Sense is a delightful addition to the coffee industry, offering precise grinding by weight. This innovative grinder can measure and deliver a specific coffee dose accurately. Its intuitive interface allows baristas to set their desired coffee weight easily, making the brewing process consistent and efficient. Expect to see this product on the market soon.

6. Fiorenzato All Ground Pro Brew: The Perfect Match for Filter Coffee Lovers

The Fiorenzato All Ground Pro Brew is designed for filter coffee enthusiasts. It comes with specific burrs designed for filter coffee and a handy Bellow feature to ensure minimal retention. This grinder makes it effortless to prepare filter coffee by weight, ensuring that you get the perfect cup every time.

Conclusion: Host Milan 23 has once again provided a platform for coffee and hospitality professionals to explore the latest innovations in the industry. These products represent the future of coffee technology, promising enhanced precision, convenience, and sustainability. Keep an eye out for these game-changers in the market as they are sure to leave a lasting impact on the coffee industry. Whether you're a coffee professional or a coffee enthusiast, these innovations have something exciting to offer.

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