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Analyze Espresso with Real Data to Make Improvements using the DiFluid

What's the best way to improve your coffee? The answer is simple - make adjustments using hard data.

In this video Luke is explaining how you can use a product like the DiFluid refractometer to measure TDS (total dissolveable solids) and make assessments to improve your espresso. The DiFluid is a pocket sized refractometer that is simple to use and it partners with an app to make sense of the readings it produces.

On his kitchen bench in the video Luke has a cold brew and two espresso extractions from his GS3. One which was brewed at 9 bars of pressure and the other at 3 bars of pressure. He takes us through the process of assessing each of these with the DiFluid and explains the data and what it all means. The difference in results from the 9 bar to the 3 bar extraction is quite surprising.

The DiFluid is a very handy tool for anyone looking to improve their coffee and it certainly has helped us make changes to the recipes that we use here Artisti.

 Unedited Video Transcript



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