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ANFIM Best on Demand COFFEE Grinder Review

For over 50 years, ANFIM has been manufacturing grinders by hand in the heart of Milan. The brand is renowned for its international success with the ANFIM commercial grinder range, most notably the SPII. The success of the SPII has inspired the relaunch of the ANFIM BEST model, which incorporates features from the SPII to get you to the next level in coffee extraction. The grinder produces a very consistent level of grind and would work quite well in any espresso bar as a secondary grinder to grind decaf or single origin coffee. Luke recently partnered up the ANFIM Best grinder with his La Marzocco GS3 at home and he has a few things to say about it in this video. He really does like the grinder and is happy with the results it's giving him but there's a couple of things on the build quality side he's not too excited about.

 Unedited Video Transcript


The Anfim Best on demand grinder the
word on the street is it's the best
under a thousand dollars
let's find out if that's true
so before we get into this video we want
to let you know that we're going to
a code in the comments below that'll
give you a bit of a discount if you want
this grinder
before christmas and that's only going
to be valid for two weeks from when the
video goes live
so currently this deal is only available
for australia-wide shipping
we are working on doing international
shipping so hang in there and keep an
eye out and we'll be able to help you
out one day
g'day everyone welcome back to the
Artisti YouTube channel
we want to cover a wide range of reviews
and products from commercial and
domestic gear
so today we're going to have a look at
the Anfim best on demand grinder
it's the little brother to the Anfim
sp2 which we've done a review on already
so let's take a look at a few of the
specs it starts with a 400 gram hopper
the burr set are a flat burr 54 mil
the motor itself is a 1300 watt motor
and it's going to do 400 rpm so they're
pretty standard specs that we're going
to see in a grinder of this size
when we look a little bit further
there's some details that come across
from the commercial model
into this domestic model like the group
handle rest
this is identical to what you do see on
the commercial machine it's really
robust and really sturdy for home
you've got the same chute that actually
will dispense the grind into your handle
and the location of those is amazing and
in behind here i'll show you in a sec
it does have the same spring de-clumper
in there as well
with the easy mechanism on the side here
the turn dial
using a gear ratio you can adjust the
grind really easy
allowing that finer infinite amount of
grind changes that you're after
so it's not a stepless grinder there's
no need for a locking screw to hold the
blade steady so it doesn't change the
you've got your standard hopper slide on
the back here as well
and a screw to be able to lock that
hopper in place a nice big red
marker so you know whether you're going
to be going finer or coarser in the
and you've got a nice set of clear
numbers on there showing you
the adjustment amount that you're going
to make so there's a really big display
showing how much time that you've
allocated to the two
grind settings available they've got a
single cup
and a double cup which allows you to
change the varying amount of grind
that's going to end up in your group
we've got the white gloss model here
which is quite nice in this kitchen
and it does come in a matte black as
well so i've been using the ant from
best on demand
at home now for a few weeks and i want
to let you know a few of the things that
i've found out about it
the first thing is the cup quality there
is a distinct
increase in clarity crispness
acidity and just beautiful
flavors that are coming through across
the espresso that i've been enjoying at
so those flat burrs really have made a
difference to the grinder i was using
as far as usability it's super easy
because i do use the anthems in
commercial this rest is really easy
it locks in it holds the handle
the grind that comes out is just flowing
perfectly into the handle
i can fit 22 and a half grams into that
at 12 seconds and it just needs a couple
of taps and it just falls beautifully
ready to use an ocd or a distribution
and then to tamp the coffee so for me it
behaving exactly how i want it to from a
commercial aspect
into the home i've done a couple of
tests between coarse grind and fine
to see how that clump crusher it's got a
spring inside here
handles breaking up those really fine
clumps that happen
and does a really good job so for me
it's ticking quite a few boxes when
we're looking at grind quality
and being able to create a much better
and extracted coffee so for me it looks
beautiful in the house
i feel it's very sturdy and a very
durable kind of grinder
i don't think it's too dainty really in
any way
so i'm really enjoying using this grind
at home
i'd love to hear what you guys have to
think about if you've got one
now what don't i like about the grinder
no grinder is ever going to be perfect
but here's a few things that i think we
could have a little bit of improvement
so some of these parts have been used
over the years in different models of
anthon's been around for about 50 years
and some of these parts
you can see haven't been updated when
they've gone to put it into the best on
demand grinder
and i feel that's a couple of things
that they could have done just to make
that extra
special grinder with such a beautiful
motor and the rest of the areas that
they've upgraded
in regards to the hopper it does have
this sticker
that just basically sits on there and
tells you whether you're going
to a higher or a lower number now
what i don't like is because that stick
is attached to the hopper
if you've got the screw undone and
you've removed the hopper
and you put it back down again that
number sequence
is totally out so
it's there's no continual reference
point that you're you're dealing with
most grinders actually have the numbers
on the actual chassis
or on the grinding burst set so you
can't change those two
the sticker itself looks a little bit
cheap and it's actually overlapping
when you get to the zero point so as
you're going zero
up to say seven that is increasing the
if you're going zero back towards 28
you're decreasing the grind and going
now there is no identifying mark on this
grinder to tell you which way to turn
the grinding knob for coarser or finer
so if you don't know that that's the
only way you're going to know
how to change the grind so the one
factor that a lot of people think about
when they buy
a home grinder is how much noise does it
make in the kitchen
this grinder isn't as loud as some of
the conical
grinders that we hear they're very
crunchy and
and can be a little bit tinny in its
i find the anthem a bit more of a high
kind of light whistling sort of noise
that comes through
so i can definitely hear this in the
bedroom when my wife's up before me
making her first cup of coffee
but i don't think it's as loud as some
of the other grinders that we've had in
our house
so i'm just going to jump around the
front and show you how engaging the
handle works
and how to adjust the time so when you
pop the handle in it'll activate this
little button
and if it's depressed continually it'll
continue to grind
the time now if you remove that you can
give it a bit of a tap
and you can see the time has stayed on
you can pop it back in
and it will continue to grind if you
remove it and wait
it'll actually reset so that's pretty
cool feature a lot of grinders
will continue to grind the whole amount
of time even though you don't want it to
so to change between the single cup and
the double cup it's really easy
you just press the button and it will
switch between the two
if you want to change the amount of time
that's allocated to the button
just press and hold it
it'll flash at you and then you can
decrease by using the bottom button
or increase by using the top button
and automatically it will just lock
itself in
and now it stopped flashing you're ready
to go again so the grinder does come
with a really cool allen key
which allows you just to pop in here and
simply undo
both sides
and you can raise and lower that cradle
really easy
so such an easy design and quick and
easy to do
to adjust whether you've got a single or
a double handle
the other part i want to show you is
behind the dosing chamber here
now definitely turn the grinder off when
you're going to have a look at this
you'll need another allen key i believe
this is a two
i think so you just got to undo the two
okay and you've got the same style
spring just a smaller version
that you see in your commercial model so
if you ever got this blocked up
it'd just be a matter of cleaning this
out cleaning out here
getting a quick vacuum popping the
string back in and
two screws
and you're ready to go so just such a
simple idea
for anyone to be able to work on and
also fix any of your blockages
and just a great simple design doing an
amazing job at keeping that a nice
fluffy grind
so just such an amazing simple concept
that i do
really enjoy working on the anthems when
i have to unblock
the dosing chamber so guys i hope that's
helped you understand a bit more about
the end from best on demand grinder
now i'd love to hear if you think it is
the best grind under a thousand dollars
i think it's actually pretty good is it
the best well look we're gonna have to
probably do a few more comparisons out
to make sure that we make that call but
from my point of view it's doing an
amazing job
grinding beautiful clean coffee giving
me a great espresso
and it's really easy to use so i'd love
to hear your comments on the grinder
make sure you leave them down below in
the comments and we'll get back to you
as quick as we can
thanks very much everyone have a great day.

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