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Bellman CX25P Stovetop Espresso Maker - Review

In this video Luke is taking a close look at the Bellman CX25P Stovetop Espresso Maker and putting it to the test to see what he can produce with it.

The Bellman CX25P Stovetop Espresso Maker and Steamer is said to give you a delicious, rich espresso and beautifully steamed, silky milk. It features a strong 18/10 stainless steel body, the CX25P is extremely durable and versatile, being suitable for gas, induction, and electric stovetops, or even on a campfire. Its steam wand with dual hole nozzle creates smooth, textured milk, perfect for latte art.

If you've ever tried using a Bellman please let us know what your thoughts were on using it and if it lived up to your expectations.

Thanks for watching!

 Unedited Video Transcript

today we're taking a look at the bellman
espresso maker
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so today we are looking at the bellman
espresso maker it is a pretty cool
little device
been around for a little bit i've had
the pleasure of using one
quite a bit camping so i just want to
share with you how to brew on it
a couple of the cool features and
hopefully you can decide whether this
is the right product for you when you're
traveling next
so what is the bellman cx-25 well it's a
bit of a take
on a typical mocha pot as a how it brews
but it actually allows you to control
the flow of the coffee into your cup
and then it does have a steamer as well
so it's kind of a two-in-one
brewing device it is like a typical
mocker pot
where we're going to have the water and
it's going to percolate up through the
coffee grinds
but it does have a control knob so you
can basically
increase or decrease your espresso into
your cup once you're brewing you're
actually then going to create steam so
you've got an amazing steamer on the
other side
so you'll be able to froth that
beautiful velvety textured milk that you
want to add to your espresso
and essentially have a cappuccino or a
latte wherever you travel to
so it's a really cool device there's a
couple of interesting features about it
is that it does have a gauge which is
going to give us an idea of what the
temperature of the water is
for when it's brewing through the coffee
and then also that's going to
increase to show us how much steam
pressure we're going to have to work
we've got a safety valve on the back
here behind the handle
and essentially yeah it pulls apart
quite easily allowing you to
brew some coffee so let's give it a go
the unit itself
does come like this you do get a small
pack of paper filters which you'd pop
onto your coffee bed
and there is a guide or a book that
tells you about some of the measurements
as well
so there are some some great other
recipes to look at i'll just give you a
bit of a rough idea on the measurements
that the machine has
so you will be able to take it home and
make a brew but definitely
look changing the flavor of the the
actual coffee in the espresso is pretty
with all the accessories it comes with
so let's take a good look inside
before we take these off the knobs are
clearly marked which is open and close
that's a really great tip
so that you do increase and decrease
your steam
or your espresso quite easily so we undo
the top nut here
and remove essentially our top brewing
chamber essentially for it
so once we look inside the machine we do
basically it's a level guide it allows
us to change the amount of coffee that
we're going to have
so if you don't put this in place
this is your standard amount of coffee a
larger amount which is actually going to
take 50 grams of coffee
if you pop in your basket with the flat
down essentially you can put 30 grams of
coffee in
if you want a lighter brew you'd flip
that over
pop it in and then you can put 15 grams
of coffee
so just to be clear when you're putting
the coffee in your coffee has to sit on
top of this bed
not underneath it and you're squashing
it down
so what we'll be doing is filling up the
the base reservoir with some water
and you'll see inside there are actually
a couple of marks in here
there's a three a six and a nine so that
is how much
water is going to pass through the
coffee now you can't fill it past
nine because essentially you won't have
any room to be able to create steam
so don't think more water is going to be
better in this scenario
so what i'm going to do today is i'm
going to use the three mark which will
give me about 150 ml
of liquid through my espresso giving us
a really nice
rich flavor for then us to add the milk
into it
so that recipe is going to be 150ml of
through 50 grams of finely ground coffee
so what i have here is actually some
pre-boiled water just to speed things up
a little bit
and i'm going to fill that up to as i
said the three mark
and that's going to make it a bit
quicker for us in this whole extraction
there we go
so i've got my water in there at the
market three i'm just going to get this
kettle out of the way to give me a bit
of space
and now i'm going to load my 50 grams of
fine coffee into the large filter basket
and you can see there is a hole there
and that will essentially just fall
straight through
so pop your finger over the top and you
can start to
dose that coffee in give a bit of a tap
and just turn it around
and that'll allow you to get all that
coffee in nicely
again this is the largest amount of
coffee with the smallest amount of water
so i am going to be getting a nice rich
brew out of this one
couple of taps just to get that coffee
with any coffee you do need to make sure
that you've got a nice
even coffee bed so if you had something
just flat to better distribute that
or you could again use your finger just
to move that coffee around a bit
great so we've got our 50 grams of
coffee in there ready to go
now i'm going to use this just to push
down and give it a light little tamp
and that's going to allow us to get a
bit of back pressure
onto that extraction and increase the
the paper filter needs to be placed on
and that helps the grind so that i go up
into the top chamber
we're going to pop this in
it just sits in nicely like that we're
going to place on
our top and it's opposite to the handle
makes it a bit easier for when you're
going to take your espresso into your
now you want that to be nice and tight
because it is going to be a pressure
so just keep going until it's firm
get your gas on
now if you can use a gas burner like
this make sure that flame isn't coming
up and around the sides
so you might just want to reduce that a
little bit if you're using naked flames
and you don't really want to use this
straight on a campfire
you'd really need to use it on a hot
plate that has some coals underneath
and that will work with this kind of
unit there are plastic parts up the top
that you don't want to melt
and it is great on an induction cooker
as well so
the unit's all sealed everything's all
turned off and what we're looking for
now is for that gauge
just to increase up to about 1.5
to 1 bar now at that point we'll be able
to start extracting our coffee
so because this is a little bit high i'm
just going to pop a cup here
and then it'll allow me to have
basically a rest
there we go so that i can get our
now we did start with pre-boiled water
so it is a lot quicker to be able to do
this process
but if you are starting from cold water
this will probably take
about three maybe four minutes depending
on your heat source to actually boil
that water
so the gauge is now starting to rise up
it's up to about
point four of a bar so we're starting to
get close where that heat is actually
going to
push that water up through the coffee
bed so
i'm gonna wait until it gets to the one
bar uh to be able to open up the tap
and get the extraction that i'm after
okay so we're almost at one i'm just
going to reposition the unit
and i'm going to open the valve now and
start to get that
coffee to come through you can hear the
actual water
coming up through now it does take about
10 seconds for it to come through
so you can just adjust that to get your
amounts of coffee
so you can actually turn off the stream
pop on another cup
and get a second extraction there as
well which is fantastic
i'm just gonna let a bit of that steam
there you got a nice beautiful espresso
i'm gonna turn it off the heat now
and we've got enough espresso there and
there's plenty of steam in that machine
to be able to froth up
for the two next cups so i'm just going
to bring this over here
give us a little bit of space
and we'll get to the purge just to get
some of that wet steam out
nice constant little hiss just to make
you're getting that microphone
once you've got your foam lift the jug
back up so there's no hiss
and keep that spinning until you get to
the temperature that you're after
so 65 degrees is what you're after for a
cafe style temperature here we go
give it a little wipe you want to keep
that steam tip nice and clean
a little purge there to get that milk
out and we've got our silky smooth milk
ready to pour into our espresso
let me get a bit more milk
we had enough steam to do another one
that's a bit hot just watch the edge of
pot there when you're frothing
it's actually a lot of steam pressure
here i'm very impressed with it to be
honest and you can get a good spin
on that milk
let your milk sit for a second
again purge to get that milk out because
it does suck back up
and here we go ready for another one
and of course rosetta but not amazing
but anyway hey
that's what happens when you're on
camera so guys i hope that helps you
see how good the cx-25p can be in
making espresso and milk when you're out
and about
on a simple hot hot burn or an element
if you've got any question guys hey
leave a question down below thanks very
much for watching
have an awesome day


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