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Black & Timber Quick Mill Rubino Coffee Machine Review

Quick Mill was founded in 1945 and specialises in the production of grinders and coffee machines.The Company motto has always been “Made to last for years”. The choice of the best materials, joined with expertise and the most advanced technologies, has allowed the creation of machines considered among the best and most reliable in the world.

The latest edition of the Rubino espresso machine which we are exploring in this video is a revamp of the existing Rubino. It's a beautiful makeover and there are numerous improvements to the design with the main features being the matt black and timber elements that have been added. Another notable improvement is that the machine now has a cool touch steam wand and a cool touch hot tap also.

Quick Mill seem to be doing some really nice things in coffee lately with the release of this machine as well as the Sirio grinder which will be available here in Australia early next year.

 Watch our video review here: 


Unedited Video Transcript

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from there quick meal coffee machines
and grinders from italy have been
producing great stuff over recent years
you might be familiar with the stainless
steel rubino and we've done a review on
that as well
they're really stepping up their game at
the moment with things like the sierra
matte black grande c on the side here
which is available next year we'll come
back to that one but today we're looking
at the rubino matte black and timber
that is available now
so it's definitely a trend now to
customize your coffee machine at home a
lot of people look to either add timber
or put some colors and things like that
on some of the panels but in this
package it's all been done for you and
it looks amazing you've got the full
matte black which is in the cup rail the
top the sides and around the bottom drip
tray but they have left where you put
your cups and the actual
bottom drip tray where you're going to
be extracting coffee as stainless steel
because we all know that when you do
paint something it can chip so that's a
really smart move but when you look at
it as a pack it highlights the chrome
lever steam taps the e61 brew head and
the little details that they've got
around the machine overall it just fits
amazing the insides of the machine are
the same as the normal rubino with the
1.8 liter boiler which is huge for this
kind of price point you've got the three
litre tank
the same e61 brew head you've got the
gauge down the front there as well which
lets you know about how much steam
pressure the machine actually has you've
got your standard on lights and your
element lights as well and it does buzz
at you if you run out of water or remove
the tank which is the safety feature so
it doesn't run out of water and
basically wreck your element so that's
all the really cool stuff that most
machines have but these guys just do it
that little bit nicer quick mill add a
lot of extras when you buy a machine you
do get a timber 58 mil tamper
an extra single basket with the timber
group cleaning brush blind basket and
there is a little usb card to give you
access to a lot of extra information
about the machine how to make coffee and
that's awesome
when we look at the business end of the
coffee machine there's a lot of little
things that are different to the normal
the first things you notice is the steam
taps and hot water taps are lever so
they're not the dial you simply just
press them down
and that can lock on you can go either
way to give a little quick purge if you
like or up or down to lock them on
and that's a really nice lever action
and if you have a look a bit closer
you'll see that they haven't just used
stainless steel here i think they've
used some sort of black metal not sure
what it is but that little bit of detail
really does help tie in that black paint
work that's a real nice touch
and the other awesome thing is both the
hot tap and the steamer
are cool touch so you don't have to have
the big rubber on there and essentially
you can move that steam wand wherever
you like without burning yourself and
you've got your double portafilter here
which is your 18 grand basket in your
single there it looks like the 7 or 9
that's a really nice smooth finish on
that timber it just feels nicely
polished and really well machined
on your group lever for saturating your
coffee again another nice little timber
knob on there that's finished
and the one thing i do want to show you
as you remove the drip tray because you
don't normally see this in a machine at
this price point it does have the full
stainless steel chassis which is great a
lot of machines do get extra water in
and it can make that rust out but i'm so
pleased that they've really kept that
with this model
so the good thing about these machines
is they're fully serviceable the e61
head the levers the steam taps all these
parts are readily available across a
whole range of machines that all come
out of italy so they will last a long
time and you can refurb them essentially
down the track
unlike other cheaper entry machines
which are a bit more
plastic build and probably have a
disposable nature to them
when they break
so the machine does have the three liter
water tank with a vibration pump so it
is not plumbable to mains water
so we've got a 12 month warranty with
the quick meal gear and that's from
where you basically buy it from and the
price at the moment is 3 100 so that's a
whole lot of value with all these
customized extras at that price with a
big boiler there's not much out in the
market there that's going to compete
with that so that's enough about the
specs let's make a coffee
so i did just use an automatic tamper
and the one thing i need to point out
about these machines as you'll see the
spouts facing into the machine and that
means that if you're extracting it will
fall into the drip tray
but when you go to use a manual tamper
and you try and pull it into the bench
it will slip off
that's a bit of a trick i generally will
try and turn that around if there's
enough room so those spouts still drip
into the drip tray
quick and easy fix to that you can see
them online is grab yourself
one of these tamping stations
and they're purely designed to allow you
to pop that handle in and under
and tamp nicely so
look for one of these if you grab one of
machines and that will help you with
that problem
i do love a bit of pre-infusion on these
machines it just gives a little bit of
expansion of the coffee
and there you go beautiful rich crema
and in this kind of cup
we'll stop about there which would put a
ristretto so a two to one would be
amazing in one of these
no one to one
a one-to-one extraction in that kind of
cup would be great
let's check out the steam pressure
so just a small little 350 ml jug
there's heaps of powder there to get
that spinning
get the hiss to get your foam
once you've got the right volume just
keep it spinning
so it is pretty easy with a lever just
to be able to flick that and turn off
the steam you don't have to remember
which way you got to turn the dial so i
do a lot i do like that about these
and really quick and easy to do a purge
so the levers do win when you look at
that little bit of the uh the process
over a dial
and we've got our silky milk
a couple little milk fireworks there but
that's beautiful silky milk
and a really nice extracted espresso
there you go and a sneaky little rosetta
there and how's it taste
that's great that's really smooth really
creamy there's some great sweetness
that's coming out of that milk from the
steam it's not a super wet steam which
is nice
that's a great extraction as well it has
brought out a little bit of sweetness
there in our champion blend which is
what we're using
so all round that is an amazing cup of
coffee and i'd be happy to pay for it
before i finish this video there is one
important thing i have to wipe the milk
off that steamer because that is just
not acceptable remember the tips do get
hot even though that is a cool touch
wand the tip really does get quite hot
so guys overall the new rubino matte
black and timber is a huge upgrade and
just an amazing piece of kit to have at
i think there's awesome value in terms
of the huge amount of black that they've
gone to over the whole machine the extra
little details that they've put into it
is just showing there's just that little
bit of extra finesse over other machines
in this price point
so i hope that helps you understand how
great the new black and timber Rubino is
if you've got any questions hey leave
them below
we do love answering them thanks very
much for watching guys cheers

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