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Cinoart PT2 (Precision Tamp 2) Automated Coffee Tamper - User Review

Here at Artisti Coffee Roastery we have have been using automated tamps for quite sometime now and since moving to the Cinoart a few months ago we have to say that we are quite impressed.

With a user friendly interface, small footprint and it's modest price point the Cinoart PT2 Automated Coffee Tamper has a whole lot going for it!

One of the features we like is being able opt to multi tamp from 1 to 3 tamp cycles and another is the flexibility to dial in your tamp pressure from 2kg right up to 38kg. This really allows you to experiment with your extraction outcomes and it's something professional baristas will like to play with. The Cinoart tamp is hugely beneficial on the espresso bar. The PT2 takes minimal space, eases workload on the Barista, and produces precise and consistent tamping across varying baristas.

We hope you enjoyed what Luke had to say about the Cinoart Coffee Tamp and if you have any questions please leave us a comment. Thanks for watching!



Unedited Video Transcript 

the Cinoart precision tamper is it the
best sub 1 000
tamper hey stick it out i'll tell you
all you need to know
g'day everyone i'm luke welcome back to
the artistic youtube channel where we
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so today we're looking at the cinoart
tamper now it is a new tamper out in the
we've had about a month to play with
this thing and we've trialled it next to
some of the high end units so we just
want to give you the info
about the specs on it but also what
we've thought about it through that time
so just to start with the specs about
the machine uh
it comes standard with a 58.3 millimeter
you've got the range of 2 kilos up to 30
kilos of pressure so it's a really great
it is a metal build which is nice and
sturdy and pretty
handy there as a unit you do have
a three option tamp setting so you can
choose to have that press once
twice or three times like a clap
but what is so cool about that each one
of those actual temps
can be a different pressure the unit
itself runs off a 12 volt adapter so not
chewing up a heap of power
it is pretty small in terms of footprint
just a little bit taller
on the unit here the way the actual
mechanism works
is called a gls or the guided leveling
system so it's a little bit different to
some other tampers but it does
mean that you do um feel that basket
perfectly before it tamps
which is a really cool bit of tech so
the units come standard with a 58.3
uh tamping head you can actually get
that in a 54
a 57 or a 58 as a special order
and that surface is actually a non-stick
nano technology
and what does that mean well when we
look at coffee grind
it can be a little bit staticky so that
helps reduce the coffee grinds as it
tamps to actually stick to that surface
and will actually mean that your brew
recipe is going to be better because all
the coffee is in your coffee basket
so it's tamping cycle speed is 1.2
seconds so that's the time it takes
to come down tamp your coffee and come
back up
and as i mentioned before if you want a
double or triple tamp obviously that
will increase the temp
time that you're going to have the
handle stuck into that basket
and so the unit is available in black or
this white does have a little bit of a
silver top on there as well it looks
quite smart
um and for full reference you do have a
little card here which gives you a quick
um rundown of what's actually in the box
but also a guide to be able to go to the
digital side
to set it up properly so just a handy
little tool in case you lose the
so that's a rundown on the specs so what
have we found about the cinema art over
the last month while being using it here
in our espresso bar
well we actually played with it across a
lot of different features
so we've really looked into how the one
tamp option works
to a double tamp and a triple tamp and
how that actually will affect
your extraction now we've actually been
running it here with
the new gp5 actually which is cool so
we've been looking at
the different pressures like a low
pressure to start and then a medium
pressure and then a heavy pressure
and how that affects our extraction with
light roast and dark roast coffee
now that's opened a whole world of
different taste for us in this
so what is right what is wrong that's
probably something for you decide we'd
love to hear
what you've come up with if you give
that a go but overall it is great for
that flexibility to choose those options
so we went back to actually keeping it a
bit easy so we could compare
from other units that we've used and
left it at 14 kilos
now we found over the that time that
it's been very consistent in
our extractions especially when we've
been able to be weighing the end shots
because of the lamarzocco with the scales
and built so
shot for shot we are not seeing any
variables because of the tamping if
anything it's made it far more
for our baristas here to give an amazing
so usability it's very simple if you
want to
drop the actual unit to give it a clean
you just press and hold the the button
and it will drop down
if you want to change easily from a 10
kilo 20 kilo or 30
kilo pressure there's three set buttons
if you want to increase or decrease by a
kilo you just use the up or down
arrow so that's nice and easy and then
you've got the time as well so you can
increase or decrease the time of that
to get a bit further in the in the menu
you basically just press and hold the
and it gives you access to set up the
single double or triple tamp
and the pressures that are applied on
each one of those temps
that you have so it's pretty easy
there's nothing
hard it's a very easy menu to understand
which is great for the average user
so once we had this set up properly by
inverting the unit and popping our group
handle in
and adjusting the saddle correctly we
found that it was actually
a really good experience because in
other tampers we found the
really fast pressure that they were
putting on top of that group handle
would actually allow it to flex and move
but with this the slower speed actually
allowed the handle to
really stay steady level and we felt
like we weren't getting a shift in that
coffee puck
because of the movement that you can get
in your handle so
for me that's actually a really cool i
tick for the engineering behind this
now how does that actually activate the
plunger to come down or the tamper to
come down on top of the coffee
under here it is a bit of a safety
mechanism it will only activate if
you've got
metal being sensed at the back so again
that does happen on other units
but you won't get your hands jammed in
there which is a nice safety feature
so what don't i like about the cinoa
keeping in mind it does have a very
great price point
it is a little bit tall and a little bit
top heavy
and i only say that because when you do
use it a lot it does have
like a non-stick rubber base which is
great but we did find it
just sneaking a little bit over towards
a grinder throughout the day
and it actually hit the switch and
turned the grinder off did it a couple
of times so
just something to be aware of not not a
real big issue but just want to point
that one out for you
the sinoat pt2 tamper we've been using
for a month so far we cannot fault it
it's been great we'd see it's very good
value for that
sub thousand dollar mark if you don't
have a automatic tamper in your cafe
this is
a great way to start get into it it'll
create so much consistency in your
espresso shots of your
cafe and your baristas are going to love
it obviously reduced rsi is up the other
factor as to why you would put
an automatic tamper into your cafe so if
you need any more info on the cinema
pt2 we'll leave a link below um thanks
very much for watching guys
have an awesome day catch you soon


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