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Discover the Future of Tamping with the Cinoart PTB Automatic Tamper!

G'day, coffee enthusiasts! Today, we're excited to talk about an innovative coffee gadget that's making waves in the coffee industry – the PTB Automatic Tamper by Cinoart. If you're tired of manual tamping and looking to enhance efficiency and consistency in your cafe, this pre-release prototype is worth considering. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into the features and benefits of the PTB Automatic Tamper, explaining why it might be the perfect addition to your Espresso Bar or Cafe.

Jump straight into our video overview of the Cinoart PTB. 

What Sets PTB Apart? The PTB (Precision Tamp Below) Automatic Tamper is a brand new offering by Cinoart that addresses the challenge of space limitation in cafes. Unlike traditional tampers that sit on top of the grinder, the PTB sits below it, effectively saving precious workspace while delivering outstanding performance. It's designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of grinders, making it a versatile option for cafes of all sizes.

Impressive Features:

  1. Guided Leveling System (GLS): One of the standout features of the PTB is its GLS, which ensures consistent tamping without clumping or sticking coffee grounds. This results in a clean and even tamp, leaving baristas impressed with its performance.

  2. Adjustable Pressure: With the PTB, you have complete control over the tamping process. You can easily adjust the pressure and number of tamps based on your coffee needs, providing unparalleled flexibility and precision.

  3. Easy Clean-Up: The cleaning process is a breeze, and the tamper head doesn't accumulate much coffee grind, reducing the need for constant wiping and maintenance.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: The PTB boasts a responsive and well-designed LCD screen that allows for easy navigation through various parameters. You can even customize the color of the display, adding a touch of personalization to your espresso setup.

  5. Power Efficiency: Operating on just 60 watts of power, the PTB is energy-efficient, making it suitable for cafes, mobile coffee trailers, and other setups where power consumption is a concern.

Space-Saving and Compatibility:

The PTB's unique design significantly saves space in your coffee station. However, keep in mind that it raises the height of the grinder. While this isn't an issue for most setups, if you have shorter staff members, it might be worth considering a setup adjustment for their comfort.

Pricing and Availability:

As the PTB is a pre-release prototype, pricing and release date details are not yet available. However, considering the enhanced features and engineering involved, it's anticipated to be priced slightly higher than Cinoart's traditional models. To stay updated on its release, keep an eye out for announcements from Cinoart.


The PTB Automatic Tamper by Cinoart is a game-changer for Espresso Bars and Cafes looking to enhance efficiency and consistency. With its guided leveling system, adjustable pressure, and user-friendly interface, it offers a seamless tamping experience that even outperforms most manual tampers. While awaiting its official release and pricing, we're confident that the PTB will be a valuable investment for cafes seeking to elevate their coffee game.

If you're curious about the Cinoart tamper range or want to get your hands on one once the PTB is available, check out our store or get in touch through our commercial coffee equipment page for the latest updates. 

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