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Fiorenzato All Ground Coffee Grinder - Why I chose this grinder to use at home.

The All Ground coffee grinder by Fiorenzato really is quite revolutionary in the way it has been designed and engineered. The All Ground is a high end domestic coffee grinder however it could also most certainly be utilized in smaller low volume coffee businesses.

When you first glance at the All Ground you will note that it just looks beautiful and extremely well finished. Looking at the redesigned grinding collar you'll see that there's no numbers to be found unlike most other grinders. There are just three sections marked Espresso, Filter & Mocha making it very easy to change between grind settings and grind off coffee to suit whatever your're planning to brew. This is huge!

Next, Fiorenzato have made it super simple to remove the top burr set so you can quickly access the internal grind chamber and give it a clean out if you need to. In doing so you'll also note the beautiful looking flat burr grinder blades which are also a major innovation and improvement.

The blades are a flat 64 millimeter titanium coated M340 steel burr set that will last nearly a lifetime in domestic use. Fiorenzato have also designed them so they will not only grind espresso really well, but also grind for mocha and filter equally as good. Another clever innovation that you will find on the All Ground is the way the dosing chute is held in magnetically so you can easily remove it for cleaning. So much of what Fiorenzato have re-engineered just makes using the All Ground far simpler and more efficient compared to other grinders.

In this video Luke covers off in detail everything mentioned above and a whole lot more to explain why he has chosen this as his grinder of choice to use at home. Thank you for watching and please leave us a comment if you have any questions about the All Ground or anything else coffee related for that matter.

Unedited Video Transcript 

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