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Giotto Rocket Appartamento Coffee Machine Review

Sleek and contemporary the Appartamento is a heat exchange unit with espresso brew temperature maintained by the commercial E61 Group Head. A small footprint and straight side panels featuring a circular design make this an attractive and practical unit when looking to maximise bench space.

In this video Luke reviews the Giotto Rocket Appartamento coffee machine providing an overview of the specs and features plus he also tells you what he thinks about it.

Unedited Transcript

the rocket appartamento
is this the machine for you stick about
i'll tell you all you need to know
hey guys i'm luke and welcome back to
the artisti youtube channel where we
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today we have the rocket appartamento
which we're going to
give you the figures about the machine
and tell you what we think of it
so let's get straight into it so firstly
let's look at the design
it's a beautiful looking machine it has
the standard e61
group head which we're all pretty
familiar with in these chrome style
offered by many different manufacturers
but rocket definitely put their own
touch to it
you can see that they have the nice big
steam knobs and
hot tap knobs with a beautiful little
embossed r in there for rocket
and they've definitely got some
beautiful styling in the sides on this
you can see these circles that are cut
out and that actually can be replaced
white or copper from standard and i'm
sure you can put your own color in there
if you wanted to
the machine can come in a stainless
steel or as the nero or black
which would make all of these panels
black and the cup rail black to match as
so a couple of cool little options there
for you
when we look at the figures the three
liter water tank
is great it just pops straight out of
the top there
you've got your 1.8 liter boiler now the
one thing about
the rocket is there are 1200 watt power
usage on your standard 10 amp
which is really quite low other machines
are about 1500 watts
so they're very good at keeping that
power down they've got the insulated
boiler which makes it amazing
we've got our standard three stage cam
lever there
which is pretty standard to get the
water to come in
we do have oversized um steam and hot
taps here which actually can be
so that's handy you don't have to buy
the whole unit if it is an issue
you've got your cool touch steam wands
and cool touch
hot water there is a nice little finish
on this hot water tap which i think is
pretty nice
and you've got your standard size you
know drip tray as well that comes with
the machine
so being a vibration pump machine you
can't plumb this in it does have to run
from that tank
this model has brought in some new feet
which are the nice little round discs
and they look quite smart for the size
of the machine they're not looking dinky
as they have in the past
and the range of accessories and handles
that come with this
a little bit of water there
they've got a beautifully embossed
little rocket logo on their group
handles which is nice
and you can see that their spouts are
actually facing into the machine
so that actually means that your cup
will sit a little bit further in
and your espresso will drop in straight
into the cup
now if that was reversed it would
actually be off the edge of your tray
so the one issue that comes with that is
that how you tamp you tend to
have to put that spout on the actual
for you to tamp on the quick fix for
that is one of these
so if you get yourself an aftermarket
rest you'll be able to pop that
on the bench and slot it in and tamp
and then you won't get any of the grinds
stuck onto your spouts
and ultimately in your cup so i highly
grabbing one of those with most of these
machines that have this
reversed spouts like that
the pack that comes with the machine
it's actually really cool
so you've got a whole range of
accessories and the one thing that is
amazing is you don't have a single
portafilter anymore
you actually get a naked portafilter so
that's a huge plus on any of these
machines if you want to know more
information about naked portafilters
check out our other video
now there is some cleaning product
there's a group head cleaner a couple
other size baskets as well
so this is actually a straight
which allows you to fit a 21 gram basket
and that's what you use commercially
so it's nice and easy to pop that out
and pop them in and then you've got a
straight wall rather than
their 18 gram basket which has a bit of
a taper on it
you also get a cleaning cloth and you
also get
a aluminium tamper as well which is a
nice little touch
there's also a manual and a usb stick
which gives you a bit of extra
information there about the machine
and care and maintenance and how to make
a great cup of coffee
so going back to the boiler it is a 1.8
boiler which is a hx or a heat exchanger
unit so it's not a double boiler
and this can't be plumbable but that
gives you a bucket load of steam
overall the apartmento is up to the
rocket standard of a beautifully
nice solid machine but there are a
couple little things i wish that they
would change
on this cut rail it is a plastic cup
rail now a lot of the
models have a full casted product which
is a lot better
where i see it's a big problem is when
you go to take your
water tray out and you're pushing down
on the actual cup tray you could bake
break that quite easily to be honest so
that'd be handy if that was solid and we
do still have
the standard sort of embossed drip tray
you know renowned for all of the models
which i think is just a little bit small
so some other machines tend to have a
bigger reservoir there and i'd like to
see that
on rocket models moving forward if we
can the apartment does sits at just
under the 3 000 price point which when
you're looking at cheaper machines
this is actually a lot of good value
when you include your naked portafilter
your bigger style group handle here
and also the 1.8 liter boiler so there's
a lot of good value there
when jumping up just that little bit
extra in price so let's make a coffee
and show you
how great this machine is
so plenty of power there nice silky milk
so we've got a beautiful espresso there
a little bit of a swirl
that milk is just super glossy that's
really nice steam there to work with
and we'll do a pour out here for you
there you go so really beautiful steam a
nice amount of pressure there to be able
to do the small jug
um really constant little hiss there
that steam tip is a
little two-hole and that's working
really nice um the extraction
plenty of power you could hear that pump
sort of kick in because it was a bit of
a finer grind and really
ramp up to the nine bar of pressure
all round beautiful amount of foam great
it tastes as good as what we do on our
commercial machine with our coffee
so that's an absolute thumbs up for me
so all in all
the rocket pup mento is an amazing
little machine under that three grand
price point
there's not many out there that have the
ability to do a bit of customization as
or the range of colors at this price
added with all the other components
there the better handles and so on it's
a really great
fit you know let us know if that's the
machine you've got at home
we'd love to hear about it and if you're
new to the channel hey guys
make sure you leave us a comment below
we'd love to hear your feedback
thanks very much for watching have an
awesome day

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