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i-rinse Jug Rinser Review

Is the i-rinse jug rinser from i-milk the best jug rinser for baristas and cafes? In this video we are taking a close look at the i-rinser jug washer to try and answer that question.

The i-rinser uses a weight scale that senses when a barista has placed a jug down to be washed. This means that a barista can drop a dirty milk jug down and leave it to be rinsed while they continue working. With traditional jug rinsers a barista has to press down and hold the jug in place while it's being rinsed which means they are stuck there until the jug is clean.

It may seem insignificant only saving a few seconds but it can add up to a whole lot of time over the course of a few hours when you're working in a busy coffee shop trying to get coffees out efficiently.

Unedited Transcript

the i-rinse jug rinser is it the best
jug rinser on the market
stick around i'll see if i can answer
that for you
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so today i'm going to give you a review
on the i-rinse by i-milk australia
now before i do that full disclaimer i
will tell you that the owner of artisti
does have some vested interest in i-milk but
putting that aside i've worked with this
rinser many times before i've introduced
it to many cafes
and i know it's benefits as pros it's
cons so
this is more my review on on a practical
side from a barista and from an account
manager and someone that looks after
cafe partners and and really helps them
to get faster and better at what they do
in making coffee
so jug rinsers are something that you
should definitely have in your cafe if
you haven't got one already and you
don't have
at least a sink in arms reach you're
slowing your bruises down i
so often see baristas having to leave
their coffee machine to go
tip milk down a sink um or just at least
rinse the jug but even rinsing a jug in
the sink you still have to use two hands
to turn the tap on or into the jug
that's a use of both hands and if you
want to get faster a coffee you need to
be more uh you just need to be better
with your hands so not having to leave
the coffee machine to do that little
things like being able to push that down
and reactivate that if you needed to get
that extra clean
doing that i now only need two jugs on
my bench
i've got my full cream jug as soon as i
rinse it it's clean again
and i can go back into alternative milks
without leaving my machine
so how does the eye rinse compared to a
traditional jug rinser so
other drug rinses you'll grab your jug
and you'll place that on top and you'll
have to add force
and push that down to activate the water
to shoot up now that might take you a
or three to four five seconds to
actually get that water to shoot and
while you're doing that your hand is
busy pushing down
and you can't be doing something else
with that the difference with the iris
is that it uses the load cell to
recognize the weight of any jug
doesn't even have to be a certain type
of jug and this activates a solenoid and
washes your jug
turn it back on in first thing in the
morning you wait 10 seconds
let that load cell get ready much like
and you can turn that on so that's ready
for me
i can then switch pour milk finish what
i'm doing
pour my coffee put that straight back on
on the cell and have that washing
ready to go again this is going to save
you heaps of time and it's the biggest
between a traditional jug rinser and the
irons for sure
now the i-rinse comes in a simple form
that is actually built into your bench
so the footprint of that
orange is only 180 by 145 now that's a
very small footprint other traditional
jug rinses will
be quite large they'll be long they'll
have drip trays they'll have multiple
um spaces for jugs you just don't need
that when you've got orange that does
drain quite well
it is can be like a sink so it's got as
much of a drain as say your coffee
machine does
and you're reducing the amount of space
that this takes up
so it comes in a box with all the parts
that you need so you could order this
and it delivered to you and you could
install it yourself that's a huge
benefit but all you're really doing is
just cutting that small space
out of your bench sitting that in your
bench you don't even have to silicon
that in it's got a foam edge that'll
seal it off so you can get it out at any
point if you need to clean
um it just sits in your bench then
you're just connecting your power
water and drainage another huge benefit
is just how
easy it is to clean unlike other rinses
you can easily remove the jug rest
so you can clean the basin and it's even
got a sloped base
for better drainage it's a bit more
mechanical it's got a bit more
moving past so you do have to look after
it much like if you're in specialty
you've got good equipment you've got
good grinders you know that they require
that bit more maintenance they've got
more parts but that gives you an edge on
everyone else
so the orange does have a solenoid in it
much like your group heads so you need
to be using filtered water
now you have the option that you can
share filtered water
from your coffee machine after your
pressure limiting valve that will just
limit the amount of pressure to your jug
rinser if possible
even better if you can have a dedicated
filtered line direct from mains
mains water uh to your jug ring so that
will give you
heaps of power there is a tap that you
can turn that power up and down
if you have that on full power you could
blast that jug it'll give you a
great rinse so you've got a lot of
control there um depending on how you
have your machine set up and how much
access to water
you have um you've really got that
option so the build of the eye rings is
pretty foolproof
it's super sturdy australian design and
i haven't seen any real issues with them
i've only had one where um someone just
didn't follow the manual they just
didn't put the
cover back over the load cell some water
got access to the body and
and that's what damaged it but user
error but otherwise they're
super solid it's actually really easy to
remove clean
and replace the silicon dam just
remember to turn it off while you do it
overall the build quality is really good
so if you're currently shopping for a
drag rinser and you're searching through
the features the prices you will see
that the
iris is a premium product it has a
higher price point but that price point
is really based around the technology
and that technology is giving you the
ability to serve coffee faster
be more efficient and and that's really
where the difference in price comes from
i would say out of all the jugger
instances i've used the price is
is worth it so if you are considering an
eye rinse another option you could look
at is the iron milk system
it's the milk distribution system but it
also has the same rinsing technology
in it so for me in all my years of
making coffee
from back in the days when we didn't
have jug rinses to now when it needs to
be a staple
in your cafe i wouldn't go without one i
i recommend them to everyone but i'm
always looking for those efficiencies
and no jogger insert really comes close
to the iris as far as
actually being able to speed up service
being reliable being
efficient and that's the biggest benefit
that hands-free functionality
out does everyone for me hands down all
right so that's it for the rns thanks
heaps for listening
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you've got any further questions that i
already answered we'd love to hear from
you we really appreciate all your
i'll see you next time cheers

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