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La Marzocco Linea Mini Update - Now with IOT (Internet of Things)

Here's a quick video to update you on what's new with the Linea Mini. The new features that were recently added include a cool touch steam wand and IOT (Internet of Things) which allows you to connect the coffee machine to an app on your phone. With the app on your phone you can turn the machine on and off as well as access a whole host of other data about how your brewing on the Linea Mini.


Unedited Video Transcript

what's new with the La Marzocco linea mini
let's take a look
g'day everyone welcome back to the
artistic youtube channel thank you so
much for joining us again
we have the updated model of the linear
mini from lumber zocco with us and i
just wanted to show you a couple of
little things
that are new to this model so the first
is the cool touch steam wand the double
line stainless
steel it's really handy you can grab it
do whatever you like with it that's
coming across
on all their models now so a really
great feature
remember the tip isn't double insulated
so it still is really hot so be careful
on that one
the other main feature is the
integration of the new main board which
iot in it so internet of things is what
iot stands for
what does that allow you to do well
essentially you can connect your linear
mini now to
an app the lamazoko home app and that's
going to allow you a few features
we have covered a few little bits pieces
before of what that app allows you to do
but essentially you can turn your
machine on and off you can see how it's
the numbers of brews whether it's water
or extraction
change a few of the temperatures as well
and a few great
tips and hints on how to brew better
coffee and i'm sure over time that will
expand out because it is just software
with a lot of extra features so that is
pretty cool
if you do have an older model that
doesn't have that you can buy
this as a retrofitted kit so shop online
and grab that one if you need it
and you can fit it pretty easily
yourself now everything else in the
is identical from the previous model you
can still plumb it it's got the
the water underneath great drip trays
and making beautiful coffee just as
normal lamazo machines are expected to
the one thing i do want to point out
about the iot
temperature control and the manual dial
is on the side of the machine
is that they can conflict with each
other on the temperature you're going to
for your front brew head so the
information i can give you with that
is that if you have the dial set higher
than what the
app is allowing you to do it doesn't
really quite like working very well
so you have to turn the machine off
lower that temperature down
and then you can turn it back on again
and it will
pick the temperature that it has last
received so whether that is the data
from the app
or the data from the dial that is what
it's going to take
so commonly on all lamazoko minis people
are knocking that dial maybe when
they're wiping it it is hidden
up underneath this side here so be
have a look at it and check where it's
at and just keep it in the middle
and then you can adjust any temperature
you like through the app
so with the linear minis you can buy i
guess an expansion barista accessories
pack as well
it still does come with a tamper a milk
jug a couple of handles
and the goodies that you need to get
started with so you know maybe get that
and then you can look at what else you
need and buy that separately so it's
still a great pack
overall to get you started from lamazoko
so that's about it on the new updates in
the linear mini from lamazoko if you've
got any questions hey make sure you
shoot us a
comment i'd love to hear from you like
this video share it or if you want extra
information check out our full review
that we did
on the model didn't have the iot but
that'll tell you all the specs and
everything you need to know about the
thanks very much guys have an awesome


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