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Making Coffee on the Sanremo CUBE home espresso machine

In our last video we unboxed the Sanremo CUBE and in this video we are brewing coffee on it. Here Luke makes two coffees, a long black and a milk coffee. He talks through the process of brewing each coffee and the features of the CUBE while he's working away.

Obviously while brewing the long black he gets to use the hot water tap and discusses the use of it. Then when he makes a milk based coffee he gets to use the steam wand to stretch some milk and talk through what he finds there. Luke also looks at adjusting the temperature in the boiler and how that works.

We hope you enjoy the video and seeing the brewing process in action on the CUBE.

Unedited Video Transcript

hey everyone i'm luke and welcome back

to the Artisti youtube channel where we guide you through all things coffee and
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latest videos and if you had a question about this new machine just put in the comments below we love answering them so today we are making a
coffee on the new sanremo cube we did do a video the other day of the unboxing and we did promise we would make this video so i'll tell you my experiences about this machine and what we like and don't like about the machine while we make our first brew so i'm gonna pop around the other side and we'll get into it so today i'm actually gonna make two coffees with you to demonstrate how well the cube can actually foam milk and also the hot water function and that's how it's all combined through the brew head so we're going to start with a long black now to note with a long black temperature is the key when you're looking at brewing either a light roast or a dark roast coffee and you want to be able to adjust that now we're not going to show you the app just yet that'll be on another video but what you need to look at is the actual dial here and it's the temperature of the rear boiler or sorry the single boiler i should say so you can navigate really simply by pressing and holding it the word set will come up and then you can just keep tapping the number and make your way up to 130. if you go past that actually comes to 115 and that will be the lowest  temperature that is then going to affect the steam quality that you have and also the brew temperature so at the lowest at 115 you're going to see a little gauge down the bottom here sit at around 0.8 if you're going to go up to the 130 you're going to see that bar pressure of the steam come up to about 1.5 so they're the two gauges that are correlating and giving you that steam pressure so for me i  want to try and get this machine back to the brew temperature that we use on our commercial machines and that's around the 92-93 degrees through this  brew head and from our tests we've worked out 124 degrees is optimum so that's for espresso extraction so what i'm going to do is going to make a long black first and we're going to get a bit of hot water so we've demonstrated these knobs before you can either do a little quick purge off to the right hand side or you can have it all the way on now it's actually quite a gentle little hot water process um coming out here so the gauze and the little distributor they've got in there is working quite  well um sometimes they can just blast out and you can  get way too much heat but this is actually quite delicate and i really quite enjoy getting hot water out there's probably for me not just enough leverage there to be able to move that out to the right because if i want to get a mug it won't
really fit on top of the tray i'd have to have it off to the side and then really tilt it and it might bring that hot water out of my thumb so just something to be aware of there and we're ready to brew some coffee so we've got our handle
needs to be clean and dry and i'm just leaving the standard sanremo big double
basket in there for this one we've got  22 and a half grams which we're going to
pop in just our standard recipe use our ocd and the sanremo tamper so obviously making sure it's nice flattened level and consistent pop that in now the levers are backwards so they're not down we got to lift that all the way up and the timer kicks in now i'm not going to do prefusion because that's the one thing that's a little bit tricky with this machine the timer starts when you activate the
brew handle if you stop it to do a pre-infusion it'll actually then restart so when you're timing your shots you're to have to just think about a little bit different around the logic that we would normally be talking about there we go i've just gone for a nice little double restrato we've gone 20.8 seconds and you can see there that is a huge amount of sweetness coming through at the start of the
extraction there really good bold colors that's a really well extracted coffee so
i'm really happy with that for a long black i'm going to set that aside just to cool for a little bit because that'll burn my mouth if i go to use it we'll empty this and get ready for the next coffee so i'm now going to make the milk based coffee and again we're going to start with our nice warm clean dry handle we've got our 22 and a half grams of coffee and we're going to distribute that with our ocd
and again the same pressure the same temp being nice and consistent in what
we do okay so in this one i am going to do pre-infusion and that will show you
what's happening with the timer so i'm going to pop our cup under i'm going to activate it for two seconds i'm going to come back to midway which is line bar pressure and then i'm going to brew again now that for us is going to give a much darker richer style espresso i'm a pre-infusion fan but you can see there
it's just beautiful thick dark  chocolatey kind of espresso and that's what i love about coffee so we're going to finish that again at 21 seconds the time is beautiful works really well very reactive it's nice and quick so i do love that
i'm gonna come across and do some steam now i'm just going to set this aside
just so that i've got a little bit of room to be able to use a steamer so again
we've got the two-way style dial on this one obviously you need to purge first
that's the spring purge to the right and all the way on to the left now again 
remember if you've got it set to a lower temperature you're going to have lower
steam so we're at 124 so to be fair to it this is the kind of pressure we're going to get using the nice little sanremo pot style jug these are great for foaming and  being able to pour nice latte art the restriction is a little bit different i'll be honest so you can go up and down but not all of your jugs can sort of get in there so you tend to have it on a bit of an angle which is actually good if you're learning because it's going to make you have that steamer go out towards the edge of the pot rather than straight down in the middle and that will help you spin the liquid anti-clockwise so that's probably a really good way if you're learning it's
a little bit of a i guess a hack to help you steam the steamer has three holes in it
so there's a bucket load of steam that's coming out all right just as with any hx style  machine it's a little bit wetter than a double boiler machine but you can see this beautiful spin there and that's up to 65 degrees there nicely a little bit of a longer lag i just on that steam to to cut out so just be careful that you don't turn it off and pull it out you'll get some big bubbles on top of your milk there nice good purge so there's plenty of seem to do whatever you need to do in your milk  frothing now if we have a look there it's nice glossy beautiful style milk it's just a full cream milk we've got  our espresso here as well look at that no pressure on that latte out there so that's actually really glossy milk it's steamed really well it hasn't separated which tends to happen if you've got a poor quality steam that's coming into your milk so from all accounts it smells good nice and sweet to it as well it doesn't smell burnt we've got our espresso just floated on top of your hot water that's our champion blend it's giving a nice pretty standard profile which is
great has a taste for the milk yeah that's great creamy rich so between those two different types of extractions that to me is a little bit sweeter with a pre-infusion so that's my tip to try and do that to get a bit more sweetness out of your coffee but overall that is a great experience when making coffee your drip tray is a great size one thing just to note possibly on your water tank at the back here just be careful if you are trying to pull it out with no um that's full of water you are grabbing from that actual lid so probably only remove that when it's totally empty other than the it's a really beautiful machine i can't believe how many comments we've had just in the short amount of time that this machine has been on the bench everyone loves the look of it they're mesmerised by the color and they just want to ask questions about it so from that perspective it is beautiful it's going to look great in your kitchen so that's making coffee on the  cube both the black and milk based coffee and all around that is an amazing experience we do have one more video so keep your eye out on the app we want to keep that separate because we want to tell you why you'd actually want an app in a small coffee machine and to have an app in around the four and a half thousand dollar machine with a plumbable rotary pump of this size is  actually pretty cool i think it's a real tick for this machine so thanks very much for
watching guys if you've got any questions about the cube leave them in the comments below we'll see you soon  


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