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Mazzer Kony S Electronic Commercial Coffee Grinder Overview

In this video we are taking a look at the latest version of the Mazzer Kony which is the Kony SE. It's the slick, shiny new updated version of the old Kony and now has a really nice electronic screen on it to make adjustments to the grind time along with a number of other improvements.

The Kony is equipped with 63mm conical burrs and features excellent dose consistency. It's actually pretty quiet when you compare it to other grinders especially flat burr grinders. So, if noise is an issue it could be a good solution for you. The Kony S is a very capable, well built grinder and it will handle a fair amount of volume making it suitable for use in any busy cafe.

So, please go ahead and watch Jimmy's overview as he has a lot more to say about the Mazzer Kony S coffee grinder. Don't forget if you have any questions please drop us a comment.

Unedited Video Transcript 


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