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Milk on Tap for the Cafe - An Overview of the i-milk Automated Milk Delivery System

We've been using the i-milk automated milk delivery system here at Artisti Coffee Roastery for over two years now. Actually Luke here at Artisti invented the system along with his partners at i-milk. Most of you who subscribe to our YouTube channel probably would have noticed it in the background in some of our videos. We thought it was probably about time to tell you about it, how it works and why every barista that uses it absolutely loves it. Not only does it make their job easier, it's efficient, save loads of waste with plastic milk bottles as well as reduces wasted milk.
Video Transcript (unedited)
hey everyone welcome back to the
Artisti YouTube channel
today we're going to take a look at the
i-milk system if you've looked at a
few of our videos you would have seen us
using it
quite a few times so let me tell you a
little bit more about it
so today i'm going to let you in on a
little secret
i wear two shirts in this business
my other shirt is an eye milk shirt so
full disclosure here guys
i am a co-owner of the i-milk product
it's a product that i've been involved
in with many years
i'm the coffee guy behind it this thing
made in the back of our espresso bar in
the service area many years ago
so this is going to be a little bit
biased but hopefully you'll understand
why we developed the product how it's
helping people and just why i think it's
pretty cool
and why we love using it here at Artisti
and our customers
enjoy using it and we sell it all over
the world
so let me get into giving you a good
all-round overview of
the i-milk system so what is the i-milk system
it is an automated milk delivery system
that is going to take milk from bladders
from your fridge
straight into the jug it takes bottles
out of your cafe
you don't have to manage lifting up
bottles all the time and pouring it into
your jug
so it's going to speed up service it's
going to keep this workspace so much
cleaner and tidier
and it's going to give you the accuracy
that means there's just zero wastage
so it will allow us to have two
different milks coming out of the one
your full cream and your light and it
will be delivered into the jug
how you choose to program that in by a
specific weight
so it's a weight-based scale that knows
what jug you're putting on the system
and exactly will dispense the amount
that you have already pre-programmed in
for that jug it also allows you to have
multiple fill levels
so you can have the right amount of milk
for a flat white or a cappuccino
so that when you do pour that out you've
got the exact amount of milk and the
zero wastage
the other cool thing is it's a
hands-free jug washer as well
so the whole unit works very simply just
by placing a jug down there's no
pressing of buttons
there's no holding touching or whatever
it is simply
how you place the jug down activates the
unit so
if i get a small jug like this a 400 mil
and we're going to be getting the right
amount of milk for a small eight ounce
takeaway or a dining cup
we just simply place the jug on the
dispenser and it's going to give us the
exact amount that we want for a
because we need more room in that jug to
be able to froth
and have the volume for that cup but a
flat white
is going to need more milk and less
froth so simply there's a sensor here
if you pass it it will give you a top up
which will be the difference of the foam
that you're not going to create when you
steam the milk
and you'll have the right amount for
your flat white for that same cup
if you get another jug size you can
actually pass the sensor first
and that will then activate the system
to pour you light milk
so you can use again a bigger size jug
which you can actually have four
different jugs
and two fill sizes and if you place it
we're going to get light milk exactly
the same just in a bigger jug
and again a second fill level so it's
really easy to have the exact amount of
milk that you need
to be out of froth and pour out the cup
you're about to make
so pretty much zero wastage so once you
finish pouring your lovely latte art
just simply place the jug upside down
and it's going to automatically wash
your jug
so i don't have to press and hold it's
definitely allowing me to go and do
something else like get an espresso shot
or grab the next cup but i'm about to
so there's a lot of time saving in this
area not having to play with the bottles
recap bottles lifting them up or jumping
down the fridge all the time
to continually reload my workspace it
also means that we have
a far less number of milk jugs here that
we can swap from our almonds and our
soys and keep a really neat tidy clean
the other cool thing is if you want to
re-wash your jug you simply just tap it
so it's a really amazing hands-free
innovative system that allows you to
basically place a jug on and go and do
something else it's going to save a lot
of time
so in between the head unit we have a
pump box
and simply it allows milk to be sucked
in and out
from bladders in the fridge and dispense
up to the head unit
we put that in the back of the fridge so
it's a bit hard to show that but when we
come down here you'll start to see
how we can manage milk it doesn't come
bottles obviously anymore we do get it
in the bladder and as you can see
it will empty a 10 liter bladder pretty
much to empty
and you can stack up as many as you like
when you need to change two different
bladder you simply pull one of these
fittings out
remove the little cap and you can jam it
in again it's really quite simple
so i'll just do that now
they're a little bit funny sometimes
there's a different range of different
caps that come with different brands
but most milk suppliers will be able to
supply your milk and bladders now in
and then you just jam it in and now
that's reloaded another 10 litres
into the system it doesn't matter how
many 10 litre
bladders that you want to connect we can
just simply keep stacking them up
the biggest we've done is 800 liters and
that gets used each day
and it actually goes down to three
different um coffee stations with the
different i-milk in place
this is our full cream here but it also
just on the other side we'd have our
skim milk so again
you can continue to have as much as you
like plugged in you can run it with
either one bag
or 10 20 30 whatever you like there's no
and it will continue just to draw down
the stack as you go
when you're finished at the end of the
day you can simply put a manual tap into
this bag and
be taking milk out so you can actually
clean the system and still be serving
it allows you to then just take these
fittings drop them into a bucket
and very simply we just suck the
chemical up through the head unit
uh into the dispenser and it takes six
minutes and the system's cleaned ready
to go for the next day
so there's not a lot to do it's very
simple obviously to load bladders in
and it allows you to get a good amount
of milk in your fridge as well
just to generalize note for you here if
you've got a closed fridge
your fridge is actually going to work
far better because you're not opening
and closing it all the time so
it is going to be more efficient for you
to run a fridge um in this scenario
and use less power essentially so our
milk's been around for about seven years
and we've had it here for two years and
the guys have had no problems with it
it speeds up their service and they love
using it every single day
but obviously there's always the next
best product that's moving forward
so what does the future hold for eye
milk well at the moment
i know there is a few products out there
that will heat and froth your milk
so stay tuned guys i know we're very
close to having a product and you'll see
it first here through our channel
so thanks guys for watching hope you
enjoyed understanding a bit more about
eye milk and obviously our business
and if you've got any more questions
make sure you check out our i-milk
our instagram page and youtube channel
which is going to give you a lot more
insight as to how the system works
and why we love it so thanks very much
for watching guys have an awesome day
we'll catch you soon

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