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Overview of the Flair 58 manual espresso maker

In our latest video Luke is giving us an in depth overview of the incredible Flair 58 manual lever espresso maker.

The Flair 58 is a fully-manual, professional grade, lever espresso press that is focused on maximizing the workflow and the espresso from at-home extractions. This newest gold standard in manual espresso features Flair’s first industry standard 58mm portafilter as well as a more robust frame and lever for ease of extractions at higher pressures. The 58 also includes a Preheat Temperature Controller and a new valve plunger, which includes a puck screen. Just set your brew head to one of three heat settings to ensure proper preheat and thermal control in every shot.

Luke purchased a Flair 58 during his visit to the Melbourne International Coffee Expo after seeing one in action and being so impressed by the shots it pulls. The control and flexibility a barista has over their extractions by playing with pressure profiles is amazing. Luke plans to take his on the road as he travels Australia in his caravan in 2023 so expect to see plenty more of his Flair 58 in the year ahead.


Unedited Video Transcript 




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