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Puq Press Review - Fifth Generation Q2

Here we are taking a look at the Puq Press Fifth Generation Q2 automatic tamper. If you're aiming for consistency in your coffee making process then the Puq Press is a must have item. Not only will it standardize the tamp pressure that's applied it'll also help to reduce RSI and stress on baristas working in a busy cafe. The Puq Press is available in Black or White and sells in Australia for around $2k.


Unedited Video Transcript

today we're looking at the puq press q2
g'day everyone welcome back to the
artistic youtube channel thanks for
joining us today
today we are covering the q2 5th
generation puck press
it's a unit that we've had with us for a
while we've been using them for
quite a few years now in our espresso
bar and we recommend them to all of our
wholesale customers so why would you get
an automatic tamper the biggest benefit
is consistency in that temp pressure
that is applied to your coffee puck
ensuring that you're going to get a
consistent extraction
now the other parts to that are
obviously the grind
size and also the amount of coffee but
that's enough that's a whole different
the biggest variable you're going to
have in your cafe
is how much pressure does a barista
apply themself
onto the coffee park with a manual
well if you get a pike press you don't
have to worry about that it's going to
be the same
doesn't matter whether it's a new
employee or someone's been there forever
that consistency is going to be the same
every time
the puck press overall is going to
really help with rsi
you're not having to pick up a tamper
and lean over on that coffee continually
and that pressure is not going to be
you can actually change the pressure
that is applied
to the puck very consistently
so with the q2 some of the upgrades are
a three year warranty and they say it's
going to be one million
tamps so that's a whole lot of coffee
which is great
there's a new high output motor which
has been installed here to ensure that
you do get that
really nice solid consistent pressure
there's a range of features where you
can have a single tamp
or a double tamp a soft tamp what they
call the hulk tamp
there's a whole range of different
tamping processes that you can have now
on your coffee park and you can have a
play and i'd love to hear what you think
which one suits you best for your coffee
there's a new introduction of a three
sensor system which recognizes
the portafilter being engaged into the
puck press before it tamps
so there's two new sensors which have
been popped in on the front here
and there's still one at the back so as
long as those three are engaged
it's going to activate the mechanism to
provide the tamper to come down
now that tamper is a new nano technology
which hopefully will reduce the amount
of static and coffee grind that gets
stuck on that tamper
you still need to get a bit of a
microfiber cloth in there and give it a
clean every now and then
but essentially it is far better than
the earlier models
now most people have a standard e61
portafilter handle like this lumosacco
or a way or something like that
so you can buy these with a 58.3
tamping head or you can go all the way
down to a 53 mil
but make sure you do buy the one that
you have specifically for your machine
because it is quite expensive to buy the
base plate i guess here that the actual
tamper works in
and the replacement tamping head so i'd
sticking with one type of technology for
your group handle size so you don't have
to have that expense
there is the new clamping system which
allows you to
rotate a nut on the bottom which will
raise and lower
the clamping mechanism before you secure
it in place
that makes it far less fiddlier to
adjust it to different handles whether
it's the lumbersocker or other brands
they're all different sizes so that's a
really great
upgrade to this unit the chassis of the
unit has been upgraded to a much stiffer
it's got a 60 watt motor and now they're
offering you a three year warranty
which is fantastic so not a lot of
products out in the coffee industry
give you that kind of warranty support
the tampers that are actually applied
are a flat tamper
they're not a beveled or a curved style
for me i like that that's something we
would always recommend
and there is a one touch button cleaning
which will make the tamper drop down
allow you to unscrew it
by undoing the bolt in the top of the
head unit after you remove the top cover
so give it a clean and then it will
retract back up that tamping head
so all in all we think they're worth
every cent
in australia they retail for around the
two thousand dollar mark
if that's in your budget i would highly
recommend it it's going to make those
make better coffee be happier behind the
workplace and
yeah your customers essentially will get
a better cup of coffee
and the q2 allows you to order it in
this matte white color
or a matte black if you're looking to
make a more consistent cup of coffee
reduce the rsi on your staff in the
we highly recommend the puck press
thanks very much guys for watching
have a great day


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