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Quick Mill Essence - Dual Boiler Coffee Machine with IOT

Exploring the Quick Mill Essence Coffee Machine with IoT Connectivity


The world of coffee machines is constantly evolving, and one of the latest trends is the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This innovation allows coffee enthusiasts to connect their coffee machines to the internet, opening up a wide range of features and controls. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the Quick Mill Essence, a coffee machine that embraces IoT connectivity. Quick Mill is a reputable Italian brand with a long history of producing coffee machines and grinders. The Essence, part of their product range, combines Italian craftsmanship with modern technology to offer a versatile coffee-making experience.

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Quick Mill History

Quick Mill has been in the business of making coffee grinders and machines since 1945. With decades of experience, they've consistently delivered high-quality coffee equipment. Their Italian heritage is evident in their commitment to using the finest components and delivering beautiful, functional designs.

Key Specifications

The Quick Mill Essence is a dual boiler coffee machine, offering advanced features to coffee aficionados. Here are some key specifications:

  1. Dual Boilers: The Essence features a 75ml water boiler for precise temperature control during espresso extraction. Additionally, it has a two-liter steam boiler, ensuring you have ample steam power for milk frothing.

  2. e61 Group Head: Known for its exceptional heat stability, the e61 group head is a standard feature in Italian espresso machines. It ensures consistent temperature and even water distribution during brewing.

  3. Rotary Pump: The rotary pump provides options for plumbing the machine directly to your water supply. However, you can also use the included three-liter water tank.

  4. Smart Display: The built-in LCD display provides real-time information on the temperatures of the front brew boiler and the rear steam boiler.

  5. Standby Mode: The machine features an energy-saving mode that reduces power consumption when not in use.

  6. Sleep Mode: To save energy, the Quick Mill Essence enters sleep mode when not actively brewing. It can be easily reactivated when you're ready to brew another coffee.

  7. Full Customization: You can customize various settings, including temperature, pump pressure, and more through the machine's interface.

  8. Wi-Fi Connectivity: The Essence can be connected to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control and monitor your coffee machine remotely through an app.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Wi-Fi connectivity of the Quick Mill Essence is a standout feature. It offers users a new level of control and convenience. While using the app, you can access the following features:

  • Boiler Temperature Control: Adjust the temperature of both the brew and steam boilers to cater to different coffee beans and preferences.
  • Energy Savings: Choose to turn off the steam boiler if you're not planning to make milk-based drinks, reducing energy consumption.
  • Standby Mode: Enable or disable the standby mode for energy savings.
  • Cleaning Reminders: Receive prompts and step-by-step guidance for cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your machine stays in perfect condition.
  • User Profile: You can set the machine's behavior, including pre-infusion settings, temperature profiles, and more.
  • Scheduling: Set the machine to turn on and off automatically to suit your daily coffee routines.

In-Depth Brewing Experience

With the Quick Mill Essence, you can enjoy a rich and personalized coffee-making experience. The digital control over temperature and pressure allows you to tailor each espresso to your preferred taste. You'll find it easy to pull perfect shots, extract rich flavors, and create creamy milk-based beverages. Moreover, the machine offers professional-quality steam for microfoaming milk and crafting latte art.

In the Box

When you purchase the Quick Mill Essence, you'll receive several accessories to enhance your coffee-making experience. These include a timber-handled tamper, a blind basket for backflushing, single and double portafilter baskets, and a matching timber-handled naked portafilter for those who appreciate bottomless extractions. Additional accessories include a four-hole steam tip, a cleaning brush, a drain hose, and a water plumbing hose. It's worth noting that if you plan to plumb the machine into your water supply, you'll need a filtration kit and a pressure-limiting valve to protect your equipment.


Quick Mill provides a generous 24-month warranty for their machines in Australia, offering peace of mind to buyers.


The Quick Mill Essence is a premium coffee machine that bridges the gap between traditional Italian craftsmanship and modern technology. With its Wi-Fi connectivity and app control, it allows coffee lovers to craft their perfect cup of coffee from the comfort of their home. This Italian coffee machine offers a wealth of features, high-quality components, and a sleek design that will impress both beginners and experienced baristas. It's a standout addition to the world of coffee machines, combining the best of Italian heritage with the conveniences of IoT connectivity.

So, if you're seeking a coffee machine that offers precise control, versatility, and the ability to remotely manage your coffee-making experience, the Quick Mill Essence may be your ideal choice. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or a passionate home barista, the Essence promises to deliver a delightful and customized brewing adventure.

Explore the Quick Mill Essence, unlock your coffee's potential, and savor every cup of your favorite brew.

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