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Review - Precision GS7 Electric Coffee Grinder for the home Barista

The Precision GS7 electric on demand coffee grinder is the new updated version of the GS6 which has been out now for a few years with the main difference being the new digital display. The grinder also has 1 and 2 cup settings and 60mm flat burr blades which are powered by an efficient 25 watt motor.

In this video Luke talks through the new features as well as the features that have carried over from the previous model.



Unedited Transcript


today we're taking a look at the
precision gs7 automatic domestic home
grinder it'll be the perfect fit for any
home coffee setup
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the channel so today we're taking a look
at the precision gs7 coffee grinder
it's a new replacement to the gs6 and
there's some great features that have
been upgraded to help you make better
coffee at home
so the first thing you can see is it
does have a really great big digital
display and that makes it a lot easier
for you to get
a visual reference on being able to have
time for a single or a double shot
the same size hopper which is 250 grams
which is great we do have a really solid
lock here which
locks in your grind adjustment collar on
the top
you'll notice it has a much bigger
handle rest so you can put a full group
handle on there now you don't have to
hold on to your handle while you're
grinding out coffee
you can also fit a little dosing pot in
there as well once you activate it by
the red button it will grind out the
amount of time that you have selected
either single or double dose
it's got a 200 watt motor so power is an
issue this is a great little unit for
you and it does have 60 mil flat blades
in it which is pretty standard in this
kind of entry level grinder so when you
go to use the on and off switch there
are two settings uh the number one
setting which is the green is for the
full digital display
if you wanted to grind off a big amount
of coffee and you didn't want to have to
keep using the timer you can just flick
that straight to option number two and
that will continue to grind until you
turn it off so it's kind of like a
manual grind button
so there's a really great sticker on the
front which does tell you which way to
go so anti-clockwise is fine if you want
to slow down your grind and course will
is clockwise and that will speed up your
grind so it's really handy that that's
written on there some grinders don't
have that
and you'll see on the digital display
that it is a really great resolution
i think it's about 2.8 inches so it's a
good size and you've got your three main
buttons on there on the right hand side
you've got your single dose
on your left hand side you've got your
double dose and in the middle is the set
button so if you select
the right or the left and then activate
with the front red button it'll grind
the exact amount that you've already set
for time
and how do you do that well essentially
you hold down the little middle button
the set button
it'll start to flash at you and go to
red you then need to pick whether you're
going to do the single or the double cup
so i'll do the single cup here
and then you have to press the set again
once you've done that you're going to
see a little red s come up
and then you can add
more or less time by using the single or
the double dose buttons and you can see
there's a little minus sign there which
will decrease the time
or the plus sign on the double button
will increase that time
when you've got that set all you have to
is press the middle set button and
you're done so in terms of price it does
sit around the 600 mark it is an
entry-level grinder and we've done a lot
of tests now in the espresso bar and it
does give a nice clean um crisp taste to
the coffee
so we're really happy and impressed with
this kind of
taste that we get out of the coffee for
this price and the features that are
involved so if you're in australia we do
have plenty of stock jump online and
you'll be able to snag one of these ones
and there is a white model coming soon
as well so one other thing about the
precision grinders is their feet they
are absolutely amazing suction cups so
it won't move won't slide around on your
bench no matter what you've got on there
it does keep it steady which is great
yep so all in all it's a great little
grinder for home uh or if you're a
brisket it's just trying to make a
better cup of coffee so if you've got
any questions about it leave a comment
below we're happy to answer those for
you thanks very much for watching guys
we'll catch you next time cheers

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