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Sanremo CUBE Unboxing of Azure Blue home espresso machine

The CUBE is the first domestic offering we've seen from Sanremo thus far and it's a beauty! Aside from being equipped with advanced tech the machine comes in a range of very nice colors and customisable options.

In this video we go through what you can expect to find when unboxing a new CUBE espresso machine. We also run through some of the specs.


Unedited Video Transcript 

G'day everyone I'm Luke and welcome back to the Artisti YouTube channel where we guide you through all things coffee. So you don't miss out on one of our latest videos, hey make sure you like, subscribe and hit the bell and you'll be notified when we pop up our latest video. We do love to answer your questions
so leave them below and let's get straight into this.
We have the CUBE. It is the first entry into the domestic market from Sanremo. It is fantastic to see that they have actually got into this space and this is no doubt going to be a cracker of an entry for them.
So the CUBE it's going to arrive on a pallet like this and you've got that safety tag on there so you know that it has arrived without a massive break. So it should be perfect inside and it is fantastic to see made in Italy not some other big mass-produced place that we all know we're talking about. So, let's crack open the box and see what comes inside.
Oh it's heavy all right! So in the top you've got a full accessories box which we'll come back and check that in a second. You've got your manual a do and don't do checklist and this unit does have a full app so we'll do a special video on that one in a moment. Very well packed there's heaps of foam around it so it's going to transport nice and safe which is something to consider when you're getting a product shipped. If you're buying them online a lot of the issues we do have is shipping something this heavy to the home can be a challenge so it's got to be packed well and at the moment this looks like it's going to stand the courier test.
That's the drip tray. The CUBE does have obviously a plumbing kit because you can run this from mains water or you can use the inbuilt 1.8 litre water tank.
Now i must put this on the ground because i cannot reach to lift this out.
Bit of weight in that. So she is a solid unit and what color did we choose for our
review well none other than Artisti blue. How good is that! Wow that looks pretty nice, that is a beautiful color.
I'll get this drip tray out. Cool all right that's looking really nice. That is a smooth color, that is beautiful. So Sanremo have absolutely nailed what you can do at home in terms of customizing this machine. This is the absolute model & it has a very fixed frame on the outside and looks very smooth and crisp and clean. The bi-color is another model you can actually order which have inserts that you can put in there. You can put your own brand, your logo or customize different colors on external internal panels or you can go and get a full customized unit as well.
So really great to be able to personalize your coffee machine which we know
everyone loves doing in Australia.
We're only going to have access to the rotary model so that is the CUBE R as opposed to the CUBE V. The V is a vibration model and there's just not a huge price difference there so that's why it hasn't come into Australia. I think that's a
huge plus because that gives you the ability to have the plumbing kit and you
can get a great extraction from a rotary pump that we all know and love.
It's got a 1.9 litre heat exchanger boiler which is very standard in the industry. You've got your water tank on the top which is a 1.8 liter so a lot of other  machines do have a three litre. Now don't get confused by that because
usually that is the vibration model which is going to use that huge amount
of water but because it's rotary and you can plumb it there is no need to have a
really big tank. This tank is great it is so easy for you to remove fill it up at the sink and bring it back and pop it in. That is probably one of the easiest water tanks to remove and fill. That is a huge tick for me.
In terms of the brewing we do have the e61 58 mil
standard group handles
you've got your lever here to manually
infuse your coffee
little trick here this one actually goes
up now that's a bit different to a lot
of the other units out there so your
brewing is reversed so that might trick
a few people out there you've got your
hot water tap and your steamer and these
are activated with some little different
knobs so if you turn it one way it's
like a little purge or spring back sort
of system and the other side is on so
that's really unique i'm glad they've
sort of redesigned something to give you
that extra little bit of detail your
steam arms have plenty of flexibility
and same with your hot water tap it's a
really good decent sized drip tray
and underneath the drip tray
you've got your ability to change it
from plumbed or the tank so everything's
really easily accessible
it all slots in pretty good and you've
also got the app as well to do all the
as i said we're going to come back and
look at that once we've worked out how
to connect to the actual unit
so i'll just grab the box and see what
comes with the unit as well
oh beautiful lovely little carry bag
everyone loves a bit of bling
look at that that's a really cool little
that's really cool
and you've got a san remo polishing
cleaning cloth which is really nice
and i must say that is probably one of
the nicest presented kits for a whole
lot of bling that you need for your
coffee machine that's a beautiful
san remo jug that's um
got the base pot style jug that's a
really nice one for latte art that's a
really solid quality jug
you've got your flat tamper as well
so 58 mil flat little uh embossed sand
rim on the end of that which is cool
your green cleaning brush you've got
your single handle
and a double portafilter if we want to
use the right terminology and there's a
whole range of baskets there there's
actually there's five different baskets
in this kit which is amazing so um in
here they're all the straight wall
sorry four and the actual black
four and the backwash basket i should
all made in italy they look like their
own beautifully made baskets so yeah
that's really nice you can see they've
got some beautiful holes there to get
that water to come through
nice and crisp
that is a really great pack
everything you need there to start
other than add water and coffee so it's
fantastic that san remo have provided
all the goodies so let's plug it in put
some water in it we're going to fire it
up and just give you the tip on
get some water
so when you do fill up your boiler for
the first time
it's going to suck a fair bit of water
and fill up the actual
1.9 liters of boiler so i recommend
filling that up leave the lid up
get your power on
just this side down here
here we go we've got power
that's turning on as well
looks like it's going through a bit of a
startup process
oh no here we go
low water
there we go once you turn that on you
can hear that pump kick in and it's just
sucking all the water into the boiler so
it's 1.8 liters um half of that will be
water half is going to be steam so get
ready to top back up your
because you will get caught running out
of water if you try and brew a coffee
straight up so give that another top up
awesome so all we need to do now is
watch this little number keep ticking up
and that's going to give us our
temperatures ready for brew steam's
going to come out through the steamers
and then you'll be ready to make your
first coffee
so that's what we're going to leave it
keep an eye out we will have a few more
videos on making coffee on the sound
remote cube
bench test how to use the app program it
in so what are your thoughts already on
the sanremo cube at your first view
we'd love to hear about it chuck in the
comments below thanks very much for
watching everyone have an awesome day


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