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The Best Grinder for your Cafe? Anfim SP2 Coffee Grinder

For the last two years or more we have been using the Anfim SP2 coffee grinder and we absolutely love it! It's fast, clean, efficient and bullet proof. The specifications for the Anfim SP2 are as below:

  •  Industry best 55 IP dual fans and separation of the burr chamber and motor to minimise heat and stabilise the internal temperature within a busy environment.
  • 75 mm SP Titanium burr set operating at low 650 rpm for longevity and clarity of the espresso.
  • Stepless grind adjustment with infinite micrometric changes.
  • Durable proximity sensor to avoid grind ingression.
  • The stepless grind adjustment, hands-free actuator sensor and the user-friendly software with a precise timer, adjustable by steps to 1/10 of a second ensures consistent dosing necessary for a consistent pour time.
  • Safety switches which deactivate the grinder if the hopper or spout are removed.
  • Removable back panel for easy access to the internals and wiring.
  • Overload protection

 In this video Luke is going to talk you through this awesome commercial coffee grinder from Anfim and why we like it so much.

 Video Transcript 



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