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We bought an Aillio Bullet Sample Coffee Roaster

Recently we purchased an Aillio Bullet R1 V2 Sample Coffee Roaster. The Bullet allows for control, precision, and limitless exploration for the development of coffee which Zac our head roaster is going to love.

Some of the Bullets Key Features are:

  • More power. Fine control.
  • Better data. Electromagnetic induction heating is highly responsive and easily able to bring a full kg of bean to first crack in under 12 minutes with none of the hassles and danger of gas.
  • Infrared bean temperature sensing provides unparalleled speed, accuracy, and consistency for the best roasting data available anywhere.
  • 9 power levels, 12 fan speeds, 9 drum speeds and a preheat range from 160°C to 310°C allow for fine-control of the roasting process.
  • Roast Time roast profiling and management software logs every roast for your reference and study, and also grants you access to the Roast World website, an ever-evolving community where you can share your roasting profiles, recipes, and experiences with other users.

The Aillio Bullet is popular with home and hobby roasters but it's also perfect for use in a commercial environment. The Bullet allows us to test roast profiles and sample beans before we go roasting it at volume on our much larger IMF roaster


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