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3 Common Barista Mistakes Part 2 - What you shouldn't do when making coffee!

Here is another '3 Common Barista Mistakes' that you should avoid. This video follows up on a recent video that we put out of the same name where we look into common mistakes we see many baristas making that should be avoided.

In this video the first mistake Jimmy talks about are those filthy dirty steam wands you too often see on coffee machines because they're not being looked after properly. They're caked with old burnt milk that not only looks terrible but it's also going to affect the flavor of the coffee too. Clean your steam wands!

The second mistake he discusses is the old method of spooning out frothed milk to make your flat whites or cappuccinos. The only reason you'd be spooning out your milk is because you can't steam and texture your milk properly which usually means you've overstretched your milk and it's going to taste nasty.

Lastly, Jimmy talks about hanging jugs. This means placing your jugs under the steam wand and letting them hang there steaming away whilst you're off doing other things. It's multitasking but not in a good way!

Anyway, we hoped you've enjoyed this video and please be sure to leave us a comment below if you have any other mistakes that you think baristas are making. Perhaps they are mistakes that we can make a future video about.

Thanks for watching!

Unedited Video Transcript 

when i walk into a cafe i see three
common mistakes baristas are making all
the time
stick around i'll tell you what they are
hey guys i'm jimmy welcome back to the
you through all things coffee
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video and hit the bell icon so don't
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so today i want to talk to you about the
three common mistakes that i'm seeing
in so many cafes all around the place so
number one
i'm still seeing people tapping their
baskets with their
tamp now this is why you're doing it why
you're still doing it it's doing so much
damage not only physically to your tamp
trashing your tamp trashing your baskets
and your group heads
but the biggest issue that we see is
channeling so if you haven't learned
enough about channeling go and watch our
other video we'll put the link in
but what you're doing is you're damaging
all of the preparation work that you've
you're creating cracks through your park
you're separating your puck from the
edges and that's where the water is
going to run through as quickly as
so you're going to reduce the your
extraction times you're going to reduce
the quality of your extraction
simply by tapping so you've got to stop
it so number two
you've really got to stop reheating milk
we all know what it's like when you go
into a cafe and you see a heap of milk
jugs and they've all got leftover milk
in them
basically they're sitting within what is
the australian food standard
of potentially between five and sixty
degrees of that
danger zone of temperature so bacteria
grows within that time so it's just
unsafe to have that
type of heated milk sitting on your
bench for starters get yourself a jug
rinse so you can reduce the amount of
jugs that you even need watch our other
video we'll
link below which is about how to reduce
your wastage and get better at your milk
because the biggest issue is just people
just don't want to waste milk but
you're it's detrimental to the flavor of
your coffee most of all
so when you heat milk the proteins
the air particles stick to those
proteins and you can't replicate that
same as the sugars the sugars will break
down into smaller sugars and they will
bring out some beautiful sweetness in
that milk
but again it's not going to happen twice
so every time you top up cold milk
on top of hot milk you're just reducing
the quality of the coffee that you're
and we just don't want to do that and
the other thing i hate to see is this
it's leaving your group handles
out of your machine to get cold coffee
needs to
be extracted at the right temperature
and consistently the right temperature
to maintain the flavor that you really
so when you add water to your park if
have got cold handles you're going to
change the temperature that the water is
going through
and that's going to exchange your
extractions and therefore change your
i'm all for taking your heads out
cleaning them
flushing the machine and making sure
you're all prepared for next time
but just remember to put your grip
handles back up into your machine to
keep them
nice and hot so then my three pet hates
when i walk into a cafe
what are your pet hates put them in the
comments below we might make another
but we'd just love to hear uh people's
horror stories so um
if you haven't already be sure to
subscribe to our channel like this video
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and i'll catch you next time thanks guys
cheers bye


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