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3 Simple Tips for Baristas to help you speed up your coffee service and keep your espresso bar clean

As a barista are you feeling that you're struggling with slow coffee service and keeping your espresso bar clean? Especially when you get busy and the pressure is on? Well we definitely don't want you to lower your standards and fall into the category of being unhygienic so here's a few tips that will help you out.

We hope you enjoy the video and learn something from it.



Video Transcript 

Here's three quick tips to keep your coffee area clean and speed up your service. 

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So, today i'm just going to jump back to a video that jimmy put up about the coffee menu. Now we got a lot of feedback from you guys which is fantastic about how easily Jimmy was able to flow and put out a whole coffee menu
seamlessly and easily and i want to share with you a few of the tips basically that help us keep this area clean and tidy but also allow all of us to work
together. So if you can get everyone on the same page you're going to save heaps of time in lots of little seconds and get in the flow so you can pump out coffee really quick.
So, firstly jimmy is an absolute gun behind a machine. He's had heaps of experience and he's just so fine-tuned in what he does, but a couple little tricks that we're doing are these ones when you look at your setup. We've talked about being consistent but it's the little things that we've got to make sure that all add up. So, if we look at the cloths in the setup. We've got one for steam, we've got one on the opposite side to our main steamer and a bench cloth. Now you can have all different colors to make the health and safety side really good. But how do we use them? Well we've seen how we use this one cloth only to steam
and pop it back into one spot. This cloth here is only as a quick wipe to get the chockie from that end and any extra grind or whatever mess might have been on the bottom here and it's clean again. This one is just a quick wipe straight through for when you've finished a shot and you've hit a flush and you get those
grinds and mess on there. Now you don't want that to be on your next cup so this one is literally just there to go for a quick wipe across and if we do that every single time we're never having to stop and wait for that area to be clean. It just falls into our process as we're coming across to get our next espresso ready so that is one bit of extra water there again let's reset really quickly.
So, that's how we manage our cloths, now this side here you'll see that cool
little uh milkshake container. Now you would have never seen one of those in
any of our videos before because we don't like them at all. It is usually where people will put their ice cream scoop or a couple of different teaspoons. The long ones here so that they can do whatever they like with the espresso and milk at the end maybe stirring sugars. That is not sanitary, it never will be so we want to take these out of the equation. Guys so how do we control or use a  spoon we've said we don't use them for latte art and the way we control our froth as it comes into the cup but what we do do is we have one long teaspoon. A soda spoon that might be called as well and we keep it sitting in our drip tray.
We have it there so that we can get the sugars or the syrups that's been put in
the cup prior to our espresso that we could then quickly stir in but before we
go to another coffee. We're going to rinse it with our hot water tap that's going to clean it and sanitize it and we're going to chuck it back. It's always there that tool will never move from our espresso setup. So, whether i'm the milk person or i'm on this side doing shots we can always keep using that same spoon and it'll be nice and hygienically clean.
When we come down to the grind area i'm sure everyone's got a brush. If you
don't just grab yourself one of the one and a half inch brushes or 38.1 millimeter as opposed to this little number on here. Now keeping the grind clean is really going to make sure that you're getting a better flow and it's not going to be
messy on takeaway cups or flowing everywhere. So if you've got an OCD (Ona Coffee Distributor) it's a quick wipe of the OCD  onto your tamp mat. Pop it out the way. Into your tamper it is getting excess grind. Over your scale and the extra around the bench straight in and you're ready to go again. It seems
like a little thing but that same process is just going to make it quick and easy so the next person knows where everything is there shouldn't be a whole
lot of mess and junk everywhere. If your team isn't working nice and succinct you're just going to struggle when those dockets come piling in.
Now I pose a question to all those baristas out there; go and have a look in
the chef's kitchen you will see a knife has a very specific spot. Their scoop, their  bread knife or you know the tongs and all the other bits in that whole kitchen is laid out perfectly and multiple staff inside that kitchen can use them. But they make sure they put them back in the same spot. So shout out to all the chefs there because you guys do an amazing job in this and the baristas can come over and if you let them in there show them your little techniques because that's really going to help them get those those dockets pumping out really quickly.
So, hey if you've got any tips there that you can share with us pop in the comments below on how you make your coffee service quicker. Any of these little hacks we'd love to hear them and share them on the channel.
Thanks very much for watching everyone. Have an awesome day!



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