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4 Latte Art Patterns Every Barista Should Know

Latte art isn't just about making a drink look pretty; it's a skill that adds flair and finesse to every cup of coffee. Whether you're a seasoned barista or a homebrew enthusiast, mastering latte art can elevate your coffee experience to new heights in regards to both presentation and flavour. In our video, we delve into the world of latte art, guided by Luke who showcases four essential patterns and offers valuable tips for perfection.

The four latte art patterns that Luke is going to show you in this video are patterns that should be a part of every barista's basic tool kit. A well poured coffee with one of these four patterns can be used not only only to celebrate times like Valentines Day but it also has an impact on the flavour of the coffee and how it tastes after each sip.


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