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5 Critical Components of Pouring Great Latte Art

When we talk about pouring great latte art we're usually thinking about just the technique of pouring however there's really a few more components to be considered. In this video Jimmy is going to talk through 5 components or key things that are critical to pouring out really nice latte art.

The 5 components include the quality of the coffee beans you're using, the cup or mug that you're pouring into. There's also the type of jug that's being used and the spout it has which can effect how well the milk is following out. Finally you have the technique for both steaming your milk and the technique for actually pouring out a pattern.

Hopefully you find a few tips in here from Jimmy that help you out in your quest to pour great latte art. If you have any questions don't forget to leave us a comment.


Unedited Video Transcript

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