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Barista Training Videos Playlist

Not sure where to start? This playlist will help! 


We've put this barista training video playlist together help you navigate through our training videos in the correct sequence. From preparing your coffee machine, right through to managing large coffee orders. 
Some of our videos are filmed in our espresso bar, others at home on domestic equipment. Either way, you can still apply the training to what ever equipment your working on.
We have more videos on our YouTube channel and we have a new video going live every week. View our YouTube channel here so you can subscribe and hit the bell to say updated with new videos.
Last Updated: July 2020

How to best season your coffee machine

How to froth milk

Fundamentals of Latte Art

How much milk to use for different coffees

How to pour a heart

How to calibrate & use a thermometre

Understand what a brew recipe is, and why it’s so important

How to understand coffee extraction defects

How to set your grind & dose

How to troubleshoot your grinder

How to clean your coffee machine

How to improve your takeaway coffee service

How to manage large orders

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