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Baristas Making Coffee in a Busy Espresso Bar for 30 Minutes

Watch as the Artisti barista's along with Jimmy Evans make coffee in our espresso bar for thirty minutes in one of our busier times of the day. Jimmy is on milk, Ethan is on shots, Lauren is taking orders at the POS and Elijah is the runner helping out anywhere else that's needed like replacing milk bladders and washing up.

Interesting things to observe are how they work as a team, the flow of coffee from the placement of an order through to being served. Interactions between themselves as well as customers and also the preparation time from when an order is placed.

We trust you'll enjoy the video and like seeing our team in action. Hopefully you are able to learn something from our video too. Thanks so much for watching and don't forget to drop a comment if you have any questions and like the video.


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