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Coffee Blend v's Single Origin Coffee - What is the difference?

Are you new to coffee? Perhaps you may have heard the terms coffee blend or single origin coffee and you're not sure what they mean exactly. In this video Luke aims to tell you the difference between them and also what coffee is going to be more suited to your preferred brewing method.

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Unedited Transcript

single origin blends what's it all about
stick about i'll tell you all you need
to know
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now today i'm covering the difference
between a single origin coffee
and a blend so what is a single origin
simply it is one bean from a tree from
the one
farm that is then roasted to highlight
the specific characteristics of that
area so
some parts of the world are high growing
coffees and they're going to have a very
different taste
to a low-grown coffee or they're going
to have a particular
soil or be in a rain forest with high
and all of those regional areas and will
have a characteristic
in the end cup when you brew it so what
is a blend
a blend is a selection of between three
and five
single origin coffees that are then
combined to give us an
end flavor that we're looking for in
that coffee
so all these single origins will have
different acidities or body or sweetness
levels and we basically can
change the recipe to suit that end
flavor of a blend
so here at artisti we have three blends
and we have a single origin coffee which
we offer usually every month
and we have our decaf which is
technically a single origin
so the decaf is a colombian organic
mountain water processed coffee so that
one bean from one farm roasted for
our decaf customers all of our other
coffees that we would offer in different
we're looking to find an amazing coffee
from anywhere around the world
different growing regions will have some
really cool flavors
that we can share with our customers but
not only that
we can actually look to focus down on
more so a particular brewing method so
single origin coffees
are enjoyed more as a black coffee
and when we say black coffee we're
probably looking at what's called
alternative brew methods
and they are a whole range of different
ways to brew coffee
where you can really get a lighter
flavor a floral flavor
or a sweetness from depending on the
alternative brew method you're using and
you might have heard the terms a pour
which is a v60 usually a siphon
a cold brewer an aeropress there's a
whole range of all these cool different
but essentially they're designed to brew
coffee black so here i've got a few of
the single origins that we've offered
over the last few months
we've got a myanmar coffee a brazilian
an ethiopian yoga chef a guatemalan a
a tamuza organic from from png there's
another guatemalan and then there's an
um kiara ethiopian grade one
so they're going to have different tafe
place profiles because of where they're
actually grown
now the distinct thing that happens with
single origin coffees
is there is obviously the regional
characteristic but then there is the
processing characteristic
which is going to be coming back into
the coffee and what i mean by processing
well some countries don't have water or
enough water to be able to process
coffee to have a washed profiled coffee
at the end and simply that means that
they take the cherry off the tree
they can crush up the outside skin layer
they've got a mucilage on there which
they need to ferment and then
essentially wash that off and that would
give it a nice
clean crisp flavor from that
region and that is a washed coffee
now other places in the world that don't
have the water to be able to do that
they may do a natural process which is
actually allowing that
cherry to crinkle up like a raisin
um and then they will crack off that
cherry layer resulting in a
parchment or which is a different stage
for a coffee cherry
before they remove that layer to end up
with their green bean
so you've basically got washed coffees
natural coffees they're the two concepts
that are out there
so because single origin coffees are
quite special and we can have something
amazing to share with customers
you're going to find a bit more
information and most roasters
as do we give a little tasting card so
you get to know a bit more about that
before you buy it this is the santa
teres terezinha
bunny brazil and we've profiled that
and it's got baking spices dried dates
and passion fruit
so i'm going to backtrack just a little
bit here and explain
that when we say we have baking spices
dried dates and passion fruit in the
we are not adding that into the bean
these are some of the flavors
through a process what we call cupping
and we've got a video on that so you can
understand that process a bit more
that we've actually assessed the coffee
and we're starting to get these kinds of
naturally from the coffee beans so that
when you go to brew it at home
you've got a guide of roughly what
you'll be tasting
and hopefully you can achieve those
flavors when you enjoy the coffee at
so with our three blends we've designed
to have a different taste when you brew
this as an espresso
through your coffee machine or as a
portable device that has a high
pressure applying to that coffee like a
stove top
so that it gets a very rich intense
and then essentially you'll add milk to
that and when you're adding milk it's
going to
override the actual espresso and give
you a more balanced flavor
so we're trying to make sure once that
process happens that you've got
a strong coffee a medium tasting coffee
and a bit of a lighter coffee
allowing you to enjoy the coffee that
you love making at home
so each of these coffees have different
beans in them
our fix has three beans the champion has
and in the delicate we have three
organic coffees in there
so they're all very different in their
actual blends
but some of those origins actually may
be the same across all of those
blends but the roasting intensity so the
darker we go
the heavier those flavors are going to
go the lighter we go
the more acidics and and sweetnesses we
may actually get out of those beans
so i've got a couple examples here
of the different types of beans so over
here we've got a single origin coffee
which you can see
is a lot lighter and that's going to
hopefully help us
get really nice specific flavors out of
those beans when we brew them through
alternative brewing and over here we've
got one of our blends
and it is typically a bit darker there
to help cut through that milk
so as a quick wrap up single origins are
going to give you
a great unique flavor ideally for black
and your blends are going to give you a
more bold
sort of flavor that's coming through
milk and that's great for espresso
thanks very much for watching guys i
hope that's helped you understand which
coffee is best for you if you've got a
question leave it below we love
answering them thanks very much have a
great day

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